Issues with post-soviets and how 2 handle them guaranteed

National identity

The first thing you have to remember, that soviets and post-soviets have never seen the taxing system before in their miserable lives. It is because slaves never been taught to share the goods between each other. Genetically, it came down that deeply, that they will not be able to get rid of it in the next thousands of years. This is their choice, though. Nobody tells them what to do. They run their own system according to their beliefs, and they can blame only themselves if something will go wrong. And that wrong happens when such species, with all it’s luggage and beliefs, decide to move abroad. When they encounter a different life, the ‘fun’ starts to occur.

No common shares

As a proper slave, one cannot rely on the free and affordable healthcare. He must fight and suffer along his path, because all of his existence depends on that, otherwise it will become meaningless. No matter how hard you try to help post-soviets to make their lives easier and things affordable, they need to suffer and being punished in anyway. They adore it. A natural masochism they carry behind their background, indeed. The worst thing, they try to make it happen with all of the rest wherever they came over to. It means, this alien comes to your house, throw out all your healthcare, medicine, food, and declare to live it that way. I find it destructive and abusive.

To be ruled by the almighty

In their world, one person, tyrant, dictator decides what to give post-soviets, and what not. That submissive nature is carried out alongside with them always, throughout generations, centuries, millenniums. That’s because they have never had their home before. All their life was spent on migrating from one place to another like nomads used to do. Slaves do not have ideology. They have one leader above them that exploits them whenever necessary for the interests of his own.

In the worldview of post-soviets there is always must be a prosecutor above the rest that knows what best about everything, and knows exactly what they need. Nothing more. Hence, they always need indisputable master for a long period of time. Otherwise, they will lose their temper and meaning of life.

How to deal with post soviets

They don’t like to think by themselves. They always rely on somebody that above them and tells them what to do.

Post-soviets, is the definition of the XXI century slavery. Slaves, that never want to break free. They are always dependent on the aliens’ help. No matter how much you send them supply, there is always not enough of it. It’s like a black hole where you throw all your resources and they never coming back. It means, they are not worth investing a single dime in. Never try to deal with them. Try to avoid any contact prior any deals. Once you do, it is all wasted!

Nor do you share the battlefield alongside with them

Being courageous and brave is not about post-soviets. Simply because there is nothing have to fight for, that would be behind them. On the battlefield they are the first ones who will rat upon you to the favour of an enemy. Since they left their filthy home behind, they are ready to put disdain above the rest and spoil that place as for good. You don’t want to have such classes alongside with you, don’t you? Unless you are a masochist just like them. Keep your nose up on whom you are fighting with.

How you get screwed with post-soviets?

In their gathered mind, they try to screw over you, on a daily basis. This is not something selective, though. They do it among themselves, either. I would suggest to never work with them. At least, make sure the contract is thoroughly followed prior any interaction. But even successful dealing with them will not guarantee you a happy ending. They just carry that bad karma with them. Whatever they do or touch is destroyed. So in the end, you will regret anyway.

In case you will try to hang out with them, it won’t work either. And the main reason is, they cannot control themselves in public. Everyone loves to have a drink at night and spend some time with lovely friends. I’m talking about having fun. However, in former soviet countries people love to express themselves in the destructive and abusive way, share their problems with all around and seek for troubles. It is normal for them now to behave like that, to drink every night and even provoke confrontations. Problem starts to occur.

Instead of solving their political and economic problems, post-soviets aggravate their situations even worse, getting into the most unpleasant situations. The worst, is that the younger generation learns from all of this, and also transfers the national heritage to the next generations. Thus, hampering the very process of liberation, democratization and formation to the development of a truly secular and open state. But who cares, if they don’t give a two cents.

They try to take advantage of yours

Never underestimate stupidity of post-soviets and simplicity of approach. Their endeavours committed towards the rest of people are for a reason. The reason to take advantage of you. Even the simplest and slightest questions might have some invisible intentions to expose your weakness and uncertainty. The worst of them, back in their country, take the lead and are busy in the governing. Not the best ones. The best are gone long ago, the rest cannot say a word that would express opposite opinions. They just became victims of oppression and corruption. But the debts and obligations are being paid by the least active individuals.

They disrespect emotional and sensitive counterparts of people

Such people among post-soviets are considered to be weaklings and have no rights for success and be compassionate by the public. As a result, we cannot witness freedom of speech and self expression. Regime is trying to cover up its debts by the passiveness of the public. But the public is not well educated. They don’t have a will, which makes it even worse. They are not that smart as they claim to be. Simple fact, they haven’t projected of how to run the country yet so far and what it’s going to be like in the next years. They are just a wasteful material for their chosen authorities. God knows how many victims have been sacrificed.

If everything provided here was wrong, then in the next centuries or even thousands of years they must liberate themselves from the corruptive formations they have created and are occupied now under. Such vector cannot appear out from nowhere. A lot of victims are required to show the bright picture of what is going on with post-soviets. Because it might be the only way to make them open their eyes.

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