Karma that makes our lives unforgettable 4 spiritual aspect

Karma is part of all of us

Karma applies it’s nature to every living form of existing creatures on Earth. It is obvious why some people have more advantages in life than others. That is due to their past lives. Their performance and productivity were based on attitude. And finally they receive the proper treatment, accordingly. These laws apply to all forms of life, whether one likes it or not. If a person did a great job in the past life, he receives remuneration in the next one. Thankfully to karma.

And then comfortably enjoy his life. If same person did terrible and distractive things, he will probably loose his essence potential and will survive poor and miserable life, if not even reborn in another less developed being. All world gurus say that. Consequences will apply to all living forms of life. There is always a choice to pick from. Everything is up to a person, and every second counting of his decision made. That is karma.

Cosmos gives one the matter flows, how will one use it, decides only him. The essence of human being has the recording memory on how it has performed in the past life, but after incarnation it does not remember anything. And that was made by purpose, by those who build it and applied such rules here. There are a lot of theories by whom and when this life flow was organized, what for. One can observe himself when something is up to his decision.

For example, if a person is obligated to do something against his nature and cosmos laws, it will try convince him justifying things are worth made, it is a force against his nature, despite the obligation to do the task. As the time goes by, such person will get used to it easily and easily, and will feel nothing on the next corresponding task. But satisfaction in all aspects of action. Same rules apply to the opposite direction. There is always a choice provided, in every second, every moment of a life. This way we build up our karma.


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