Keep your nose up from big assaults everywhere

Middle East issues

Restrictive policies from the birth

Assaults and attacks are facing people on the streets and everywhere, you never know how. In the safe countries, you don’t have to worry about it. You can fully expose yourself, your talents, your natures. You can wear miniskirts all possible ways you like, call yourself any possible way you like, do anything you like (in accordance with the common and sane law) and society will protect you in that matter. But, in the super restrictive areas and zones, you cannot do that and risk your life. For example, in the Middle East women cannot wear miniskirts and look “provocative” in the public, as they considered so.

Otherwise, such individual gets risking to get beheaded or at the very least punished for such outstanding behaviour. They are not allowed to express themselves like that. They are pushed to do what they have been forced to by the local authorities. Now here, is where people need serious protection from assaults, some of you might guess. However, as long as they do not riot to protect their rights, all seem to be ok for such restrictive rules. This is the perfect example of how the sheep are formed. Because all sheep can do is to get shaved and be hunted by the wolves.

Those who understand that are in safe zone. And most importantly, they know how to protect themselves. Dangerous situations are literally everywhere. Especially today. One party is trying to take advantage over the other. And vice versa. People get hired to mistreat and mislead the customers, in order to make a living. The life became basically take it or leave scheme. Poor economy creates criminal situation everywhere. People do not bear with problems or difficulties. They just get born. By committing crimes, assaults they pay out the debts of their parents or governments.

Because, stable and well-off families don’t have to get out on the streets and make a living by themselves. If the law cannot provide sufficient and enough commodities to live and prosper for their citizens, that state is doomed to collapse and disappear. All those historical governments are the proof. The fact of a matter, it pushes people to commit crimes. They didn’t choose that way.

Life basically divides on two categories of wolves and sheep, the hunters and victims. The winner is him, who realized that truth beforehand, at the early stages. Sheep cannot live long enough from assaults, until it becomes a wolf. People learn from mistakes, and the sooner they will get that red pill ultimate truth, the better.

It is essential to be able to protect yourself at early stages.

Newcomers from the Middle East

How to avoid assaults?

How to avoid dangerous situations

Don’t let Middle Easterners to come in to your land. Especially those who follow extreme forms of laws, accurately hidden behind the terms of religion.

This category is the most dangerous. The places they come from there are no laws.

Rivals and insults take place to all categories if you don’t obey the rules of majority. And majority are those who unconsciously committing crimes and allow themselves to be manipulated by severe religions. If something happens out of the order, they constantly get away of resolving human rights issues on the place, just by ignoring the case. And this is where the problem is hidden. A car hits another car, a man shoots another man, it just becomes so casual for them in a daily life, that nothing seems to be wrong with assaults.

And this is not something normal people would have to deal with. The crime has to be punished. The criminal must be put in jail. The aggressor has to find his justice. Fascist formations follow only one goal. A bunch of zombies express only hatred and are envious towards those who never seen the abuse and oppression from the childhood. Such places never seen the religious abuse. Nor should they ever experience it. And as a fact must remain so.

So how do those retarded formations run the ball on a daily basis? There are some sneaky things lay behind the bars. Males don’t want to have fully converted their spouses beside. Females are taking advantage over such policy. They all live in that silly madness and never change the direction towards something new, because of the fear from their authorities. They will just extinct by their own misery and their assaults. Hence, they are looking for their justice to be executed and committed.

Pick your partners wisely. Respect is everything

Those who you work with

For a stable and successful path be pre-cautious with those who would like to share your celebration with somebody else. Keep your paces pre-planned ahead. You cannot risk all your efforts and work done with those who might crush them even if it’s your closest relatives. Moreover, relatives are those who will screw you over first, before you even start your path. Keep them away from your business. That’s why family should never mess with business. The less you share your ideas, the better it will be for you in return.

Tell them something different, occasional, regular, believable. But, spilling your guts not even starting your plans yet, is a fool move. Make a plan on your performance, stick to it and go on ease. Now you don’t have to worry about what you are going to tell them. And why is it so, that people always have to express their thoughts at all? Actions and results speak louder than any words. Never allow yourself being intimidated, though. Keep your nose up at all times. Your freedom and opinion shall not be infringed.

They are feeling strong and proud to prove something

People start intimidating you, when something was not quite well in their past, whenever they feel you are too kind to them. This is where you show them out loud that you don’t take that attitude from them from the very start. Make it as clear as possible, that you will not appreciate and deal with any sorts of abuse, assaults or attacks by stressing it verbally. Sometimes it is best to clean things up before anything serious might happen between you.