Ladies willing 2 have affairs livelong?

Try to stay away from ladies as much as possible

Ladies feel their potential from males. They pick the future mates to fulfil themselves. Whether he responds to her needs or not it’s her decision to have affairs or not. Is he smart enough to satisfy her in every aspect? She is going to trick him if he is not in her league. Just to let him know, to stop harassing her. She wants the one who will support her and her future children. Beautiful children. Trying to catch one’s sight, if one decides to. One way or the other she wants attention.

However, be careful. If you decide to leave her out against her will, or she is not mature enough, you as a male might face troubles. The minimum are households and financial problems. The maximum she can attract black magic which might bring unwilling consequences. Women might have different mental problems that are not visible from the first sight. So, I would suggest to start to look at the person, and as a result to make decisions. You never know, a person might have crush on you, even if it does not suit you, despite it does not work everywhere.

From my perspective, I’d recommend not having any affairs with ladies till you mature yourself up. If a young lady refuses you for the first time it’s even better. You saved yourself out from troubles. Even though, ladies pick their husbands, they cannot project what is going to happen next.

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