Literal fighting 4 lives, leads to brain damage

Life is not worth wasted it for fighting

Health, is what given to us once in a lifetime. Fighting, is a wastage of health. By this source, we have to comply with our goals that has got be completed somewhere in our lifetime. And once we spend it not on purpose, the duty of completing tasks is still upon us due to the incompletion factor.

First, they disarm you by telling you cannot have a weapon, because someone might get hurt. Then, when you are disarmed, they say you have got to be capable to defend yourself in case of attack. We witness crimes and abuse. The slaves are ready to be exploited. In this case humans will do just everything they are said to, in order to stay alive, forgetting about the others’ rights. They are ready for fighting each other. What is implied by such legislation, people must waste their energy focusing on physical exercises if they want to live.

If someone is bigger and stronger than you that will try to bully, oppress, intimidate you, it was ‘your’ fault that you were not ready to face such troubles. How come is that fair? Not everyone is physically strong like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Lee Haney. People are emotionally diverse and express themselves in different ways. Hence, focusing strictly on physical exercises might not work. Today, there are all sorts of people exist, and being able to defend yourself, being ready for all surprises is the constitutional right of everyone. But must be executed by the government. Not everyone was born for fighting skills.

Anatomy of fighting

When people are fighting, they spend their energy on hurting each other. This is the hurt each other intercourse that making creations to be born wasteful. Whatever the cause of confrontation, ending up on fighting brings the negative effect for both sides. One is attacking, the other is defending. They spend their energy trying to hurt and eliminate each other.

There is only one side always initiates the confrontation between two parties for fighting. Spending the energy on hurting someone is not good. Even though, one might succeed at it, the consequences will be disastrous.

Anatomy of strike consists of the friction from the heaviest part of the world, planet Earth. See it this way. It means, the energy of strike using the weight of the planet against a victim at moment of strike. How can a universe be favourable to that one person, who uses it not for the good deed, but against the congeners? Impossible.

Budgeting this madness

Direct sponsorship of such madness goes strictly from the governments. Since they do not want to see the contenders of ruling the country among themselves, they flow the funds towards such activities. The less smart people out there and try to figure out of what’s going on, the longer regime will continue to rule the country. Usually, it is the poor countries with no sufficient income and decent governance above the people. Authorities have no idea where to send their funds for future generations that soon after would end up unemployed. And of course, smart people are dangerous. It doesn’t matter how hard you try to hide your mistakes and secrets from the public.

By prolonging of hiding the information, it is inevitable to have it exposed sooner or later. Everyone will pay their debts, no matter how hard they try to not to. But, the price for keeping disastrous politics will approach everyone. By being passive and doing nothing against such policy they pay it. One by one, they are served as a wasteful material. Some go to the enforcement structures, like police department or security services. Others go to the so called fight clubs, where they smash each others’ brains out for the sake of entertainment. Good sense and logic always punishes those who disregard it and do not take it as a duty.

Who knows, maybe they admire such kind of lifestyle. There is no one from the outside, who could control those dictators that rule their countries to disaster and making people suffer. Consciously or subconsciously, people decide by whom they are ruled and governed. Dictators and terrorists do not fall from the sky, or grow on trees. They are being formed from the passiveness and disrespect of the particular public, that never wanted to have a decent life. All of the collapse occurred is by their own passive choice. Let’s just deal with it.

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