Look through. It is a 1 good tremendous life saviour

Patterns prevent to look through

Look through the patterns.

How to look through

Always dare to go against restrictions. Unless they are not against your freedoms.

Patterns were put on people from the very childhood. In variable places they are all different. Somewhere they are soft, other places can be very mean. Mean patterns push people to be aggressive. And when they are aggressive it is much more difficult to change them. Almost impossible. So there you have your military budget acquitted and spent on purpose. On the other hand, those did not want to change their aggressive attitude ever since, so they get what they deserved.

Repressions, religious persecutions, gender oppressions, all of that happens in the least secured areas. So you always have to look through what is causing it.

Facts most of the time are hidden behind the false statements. Do not be blinded just because somebody told you to. Be eager to look through. There might be occasions or rituals that people will try to make you blind. Try to use your brain despite such attempts. Have in mind, that your completed and relaxed life is all up upon you and must be projected beforehand.

If one does not try to think and see, he will encounter disaster eventually. No matter how much you are wealthy or have a huge baggage of resources, eventually you will loose everything. It doesn’t matter whether you are alone or are managing the whole country. Hatred and abused all the cases where you have to disregard them.

Cowardice to look through

Dare to stare into the facts of your surrounding. Being a coward is something serious happening with you. If you appeared to become the one, you are living in the darkest shades that never let’s you to feel free. By the fear the masses of people are easily managed. Fear is based on the core of losing the life and existence. No one has the right to take your life out from you. The same rule applies to you. So if someone is trying to scary you, they are basically doing the dirty job by aliens’ hands. If you let them succeed they get what they wanted but you become a coward.

Cowards never learn. If you pick any society in the world, not one will admire so called rats and snitches alongside. That is fare. Who would like to have those which would completely sell out everything that has been build with such a big dedication and efforts before? No one. They are the most miserable creatures of all and receive the public’s disdainful sights and treatment for a reason. But the one thing that cowards cannot comprehend, is that the fear is delusional. It is their main pattern that do not let them to live freely and express their thoughts honestly. Hence, they cannot look through without worries.

They have to surpass their fears, firstly. Delusions, fakes, lies are doing their jobs. Hence, they prefer to stay in the comfort zone instead. Second problem, if they will ever surpass their fears, they will need to learn to react fast.

Truth prevails

Whatever happens with you now, it will put you in the right place later. No matter how hard you try to trick people around, the truth will prevail. This is why you have to look through. People can talk big and tough, they even may sound promising. But nothing changes the fact of the signed papers and the destiny of each individual. Everyone will get what they deserve. Everything is according to the past, present, and future actions.

When you try to trick yourself this is the worst thing that may ever happened to you. In this case usually people try to made you to trick yourself. This happens when they went too far, and must not be allowed to do so.

You need to learn to look through even just for your own sake. Or for the sake of your children. However, in this case is completely another level of responsibility. With your own family you are pushed to look through, despite your capabilities, temper, desires and background. This time, you have no other options but to do it. There basically will be all over for you. If needed you will even turn into a monster, but to feed you family and children. And sometimes it’s not a good practice, since the other children may suffer for the sake of yours. Now this is a true crime.

This is basically how modern criminals are made of. They simply become the Blindfolded zombies just performing their tasks as some responsible parents. In the rich countries, there’s is no problem with that, since minorities are well protected by the government. In case of weak countries, the picture is completely different. And since such people cannot look through enough beforehand, there we have the victims of all kinds of crimes.

This is why people need to learn to look through before any decisions made, because it may cost someone’s life. When you make a child, it means another life appears to have the same needs that you have. And if something you didn’t have, it means your child might not have it as well. Make sure to have a decent conditions for yourself first, and then consider to bring another life after.

That will make sense. Nobody is going to look through after your child, if it’s not for you. Parenting requires a guts and ability to look through. This is not some regular activity that you may forget the next day. It will stick up upon you, and will follow you to your very grave until you pass the heck out. Always remember that.

To play dumb and stupid is not going to work. You may fool the people around you but you will never fool yourself. Pretending to be blindfolded is not going to work either. The reason is simple, the time will punish you, which will make you regret about the things you haven’t accomplished or done. Either way you are going to be humbled and matured to face the reality.

To look through is a natural ability, that has been given since the childhood. But under different conditions people close their eyes on such ability. Either intentionally or not. The other reality is that you have to be able to speak out all of your problems from the start. Because generally people are not able to read your mind or forecast the future. And the main social mechanism of people is that they have an ability to express their feelings to themselves and talk to each other.

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