Losable countries cheap ain’t worth investing $1

Losable countries as the definition of fraud formations

It is very difficult to invest into developing and losable countries. It is not worth a dime to them investing. Because they will never prove themselves back worth existing so far. Especially post-soviet and communist formations.

The wise group will never invest any dime into losable down countries. They will screw them on every single second step, unless it is a fast get rich scheme to be implied. If there are no external investments that are worth exploiting into favour of investors and humanity, that country destined to be extinct and leave the field unusable.

So, if they don’t produce and imply anything innovational and re-usable they prefer to use its internal one-time advantage. Such as oil, tourism and else to simply get everything hands-on to use. Items like cars, computers, technologies, commodities in service field, they would prefer to die fast as individuals. And never think about future generations around. Because there is no team whatsoever. By the way, they actually pay off the investments by speculatively buying illegal weaponry, drugs to destroy themselves. So actually it’s worth a penny but in a fast-pace way. This is what losable countries are made for.

We would prefer to stay away from them, at all. Those people will never pay their dues in return. Because they have chosen their one time leader (dictator) if you like, that is taking care of everything around. However, the developed world suffers as well, by collaborating with such miserable misunderstandings.

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