Mages oddly research more b4 proceeding to action

Identity of mages

True mages can bring only positive things. Why? Because, they are well aware of what is going on and would be happy to help. Mages will not waste their time on miserable things and hanging around with regular people or those who will try to screw things over. They simply will not waste their time on monkey business. If you ever face them, it means you were destined to meet such kind of person. There are no accidents or coincidences that happens around them. Whatever it might be. Everything that happened in the physical world with mages were meant to happen. There are no questions about it.

Either you share something with them, or they share their knowledge with you. That is a top class species that inhabit the land which is a big home for everyone. Only difference, they operate the life that is run above the ground and making things stable than the way they are. Since they possess the powerful natural gifts that can change millions of fates, or keep everything same way, they are undoubtedly the masters of life. Without them would be chaos and destructions all over the place. You can easily witness why in the so called Saudi states, where everything is so expensive and developed, mages are banned and penalized by the death sentence. Wonder why?

Approach as mages

To be a mage one should put away the laws of cosmos of giving and taking, and proceed to the next level of interaction. Once you are in, there is no way back off. Be careful, what entrance you are using to do so. You can do it fast and pay the big price. Or, you can come up to it by yourself, way cheaper and safer. You can spend a lot of energy to perform magic tasks.

Or, you can do it so easily, without wasting a single drop of life energy. Which way you prefer, is totally up to you. But the wise mage is using the sources of the nature, not his own. Responsibility in such case is great.

What can give you magic skills?

Anything, that has its price. It’s like something is teasing you before, and is hidden behind the bars. People always have a choice to do, or not to do. But the things, whether they become mages by birth, or artificially. Think before you apply to become a mage. The more information you have, the better. It is the one-way ticket entrance to the severe laws of the magic world and flowing matters of planet Earth. There are all kinds of lives exist. From above to beyond. Just remember, everything is interconnected and has its own price.

Natural aspect

The mage is something beyond others’ comprehensions. The whole body is antenna. One is literally capable to use all the sources through his body at once, or partially and in a long run. In return, that body can only perform magic practices. Nothing else. Certain stones, herbs are used as materials of premier matters flow to be implied with.

The mage operates with the information primarily and makes it flowing the way he needs it. There are no boundaries or obstacles for such genuine specie to be challenged with. One basically feels the whole responsibility not just for one body, but for the whole world that is carrying him, that has granted him such abilities. It means a mage will do what he is obligated to.

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