Mages oddly research more b4 proceeding to action

Identity of mages

True mages can bring only positive things. Why? Because, they are well aware of what is going on around and would be happy to help. Mages will not waste their time on miserable things and hanging around with regular people or those who will try to screw things over. They simply will not waste their time on monkey business. If you ever face them, it means you were destined to meet such kind of person. There are no accidents or coincidences that happens around them. Whatever it might be. Everything that happened in the physical world with mages were meant to happen. There are no questions about it.

Either you share something with them, or they share their knowledge with you. That is a top class species that inhabit the land which is a big home for everyone. Only difference, they operate the life that is run above the ground and making things stable than the way they are. Since they possess the powerful natural gifts that can change millions of fates, or keep everything same way, they are undoubtedly the masters of life. Without them would be chaos and destructions all over the place. You can easily witness why in the so called Saudi states, where everything is so expensive and developed, mages are banned and penalized by the death sentence. Wonder why?

Approach as mages

To be a mage one should put away the laws of cosmos of giving and taking, and proceed to the next level of interaction. Once you are in, there is no way back off. Be careful, what entrance you are using to do so. You can do it fast and pay the big price. Or, you can come up to it by yourself, way cheaper and safer. You can spend a lot of energy to perform magic tasks. If you are not ready for that, reconsider your plans.

Or, you can do it so easily, without wasting a single drop of life energy. Which way you prefer, is totally up to you. But the wise mage is using the sources of the nature, not his own. Responsibility in such case is great. If something will go wrong, you will pay of what you have gained all your life and from previous incarnations. To move the world, you have to be another world, that great with tremendous potentials that no one ever had. This is why becoming a mage is something not everyone is gifted. It costs dedication, enormous will and endless work.

Not everyone can handle such pressure. This is something gained from previous lives, the critical mass of potential matter that is stuck to a spirit. It is gained through potential positive actions, and comes out within the certain time of life. Positive actions contain creative attitude. Pay attention, you do not destroy things. You create them.

What can give you magic skills?

Anything, that has its price. It’s like something is teasing you before, and is hidden behind the bars. People always have a choice to do, or not to do. But the things never do, whether they become mages by birth, or artificially. Think before you apply to become a mage. The more information you have, the better. It is the one-way ticket entrance to the severe laws of the magic world and flowing matters of planet Earth. There are all kinds of lives exist. From above to beyond.

How to become a mage

Just remember, everything is interconnected and has its own price.

To become a mage is not a difficult task as some of most might think. In fact, to become a mage that fast requires a higher price. Remember, the sooner you want to become one, the higher you will pay. It means, everyone sooner or later will become one. It just matters how much you will pay for it. As the time goes by, that ability becomes cheaper if not free. You just have to wait. The time puts everyone in its place for a reason. If you will try to become earlier than expected by nature, you might pay by the highest price possible. This is not something you want.

Magic skills will give you things according to your skills and background. Always act according to your skills, knowledge, background and what you are capable of. Nothing more, nothing less. If you will try to overcome something by cheating, you will pay for it much higher than expected. The truth of nature. Particular skills that practiced throughout the life open you tremendous abilities. It is something that could be gained only through your path that you made possible, and only that way. That skill set is gold, that one is magic. You will never sell it cheap.

Being somebody outstanding and unique of all is a purpose of every human being. This is what will make you so special in the market and in a big demand. By the one particular focused work following, it will sharp your identity in front of others and make you special that you will feel so happy about it. People are valued by their skillful identities and uniqueness. That uniqueness alone beats everything and everyone around without any actions performed. No mage will be capable to break you from your skillful state. Think about it.

And vice verse. Incompetence in your field will make you run the same circles, again and again until you learn how to make it better. Time is spent at your own expense, this is cool. Time is the source given to you in this plane within which you have to fully express your full potential and capabilities within the given lifetime. You express yourself in the best way possible. There are no unique people co-existing together.

Mages cannot compete within each other, since all of them have different natures and features. But they all have the same abilities and same goals since they are the part of cosmos as well. Once you become a mage, there is no back turn. The primitive forms of life are no longer in interest to you since you become mature. Once you become mature you get into another interesting things for you that will bother you in the next plane. It is a natural flow process of all. Bacteria becomes an animal, an animal turns into a human. Reincarnation does not stop. Same applies to mages.

Every creature works on its own growth independently without any influence from outside. Death on physical plane means only the pause on this stage, but not on his entire journey. Creatures reincarnate into more developed or less developed forms of life. If something they did wrong, or have taken another life, they fall down and start all over to begin from the same point. Important to notice, that the physical plane after their reincarnation does not stay on the same level. It evolves as well. The planet Earth evolves with its creatures around. So, once a creature will not be capable to come up with the main lifestream, it will fall down automatically.

The life on other planes will push that creature to act and perform in order to survive. This time the actions must be right and meaningful. Otherwise, the punishment will be the same. Every single creature wants to become something better than before. And this is a natural feature of all. The only thing is, primitive forms of life are no longer in interest for the traveler through planes. This applies to all beings, even to mages.

Mages have the big influence on all primitive forms of life. Mages are the kings of the kings. It is the last instance of human development of this universe. Human beings are the most developed creatures, living forms of all on Earth. Once they become mages, nature becomes their part, and they become the part of nature to grow much bigger and stronger with more influence on the rest.

Natural aspect

The mage is something beyond others’ comprehensions. The whole body is an antenna. One is literally capable to use all the sources through his body at once, or partially and in a long run. In return, that body can only perform magic practices. Nothing else. Certain stones, herbs are used as materials of premier matters flow to be implied with. The whole body becomes a small part of nature and functions as a little antenna receiving and sending waves. Such waves might help to predict and see the future.

The mage operates with the information primarily and makes it flowing the way he needs it. There are no boundaries or obstacles for such genuine specie to be challenged with. One basically feels the whole responsibility not just for one body, but for the whole world that is carrying him, that has granted him such abilities, and appreciate for such a talent. It means a mage will do what he is obligated to. To serve the nature and the world.

A mage becomes a godlike creature within the comprehension of other species. Since the cosmos and outer space is huge and endless, mages perform their roles to serve this universe.

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