Marriage and being obsessed without the real 1 purpose

The hidden purpose of marriage

Once upon a time, it was an obligatory for young people to get involved in the marriage back in a day. Today, it is a completely different story. Obligatory became obsolete. Populations grow, people are trying to survive. However, some people still prefer to marry.

Man with woman, woman with man, woman with woman, man with man there are all types of unions we observe today. There are all sorts of people exist today. There is no problem with that. We will look at traditional families.

In traditional families a man gets bored too fast. He is seeking for enlightenment. One cannot fully rely on a woman anymore. Intercourse is not entertaining anymore. One of the reasons a man becomes bored. Sexual attraction gets flown away like mirage. After some love stories and all that routine, couples decide to unite. The wedding ceremony, expenses totally lays on young man, if such person has never had relations. In case if it was his initiatives, they get engaged and married. The outcome of such relations are predictable.

Dip down women do not appreciate marriage

A woman will leave that place. Boredom. After you have bought your loyalty to the so called wife that you will mate only with her, and once you will experience a funding problems to the family, be ready to face the fact. She will seek any reason to leave you and grab the child out from you. Once you make a child she will screw you over. In every single step. Blessed are those who saved themselves out of such troubles. But mostly young families tend to act like that. There is nothing worse than a man cannot see his child. Take a moment to realize it.

When a woman initiates a wedding she will do everything to satisfy the man that will make him stay with her. Usually its wealth and money. One is begging, another letting. As simple as that. This only happens when such kind of man is getting bored with everything, since that person has experienced everything so far in life. That person is looking for something new. And such people are desired in the eyes of women that trying to keep such kind of man beside.

Usually people are trying to avoid financial problems by getting into marriage. If both of parties are satisfied with that, there is no problem. If one of parents gets surprised in a matter of moments, the children will suffer, which is unwilling. All in all, the purpose of marriage is to gain the wealth united. If one party fails at it, the other one should be well aware of it.

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