Mean traditions in the agonizing zones. What 4?

All starts from the family

The mean traditions might have passed long way back to the medieval or dark ages, as the most ineffective and unnecessary types of confrontation, some of you might say. However, there are still zones exist on the planet where the groups of species have not developed their interactions within each other, yet to the point where it is not in need of public evaluation. Family disputes are among them. Some people may find that arguing in family is ok process that can help work out the most important aspects in relations.

But it is not. In fact, arguing shows that most of things still unclear. Everything must be clear within the family from the very start of relations, so there would be no misunderstandings. No fooling around. Just clear and pure statements. The head of the family draws off priorities that needs to be focused on. He must inform the others, of what the things going to be like, while he or she is able to support the family. Thus, spouses have to discuss those things ahead prior any coupling. Of course if both parents agreed to run that way.

That’s why the act of building a family and making children is the most important act of all, that must be carefully researched, investigated, talked and examined before it’s too late. The priority of a self esteem person is a respect for all beings, no matter what point they had and how far they are gone. When it’s talked through to conclusions, common agreement and then nothing else happens, then it is fine. The talk is all what you need, only in case, the parties agree to respect each other.

Mean traditions

However, if some aggressive actions are followed back after, something quite wrong with that group or a person. Normally, we the people, see and maintain things like that. However, in some fanatic religious societies people don’t think that way. The mean traditions are taking place. Due to the barbaric background, instincts, emotions, traditions of the masculine species that are always right and should treat its family disrespectful, they believe someone is ought another higher-ranked family member everything that one has, including getting beaten up, humiliated, abused, and even killed, whenever one isn’t in the mood. Nonsense!

They basically torture each other. Such country does not support its individuals from aggressive behaviour of themselves, citizens. There are no human rights exist, only mean traditions. There is nobody who will protect even innocent people. And its says the priorities of the family head is out of interests of entire family. But, that’s totally their business and they have to live with that all by themselves.

Species are living in fear. Fear that has nothing to do with reality. Authorities in such zones are feeling themselves pretty comfortable there by managing stupid masses beyond them. Pretty convenient, isn’t it. Hence, you have mean traditions that are supported by the majority of clueless sheep that is afraid to question the governance and take the lead instead. Mean traditions are sponsored and supported by the fake fear. Species come and go there.

Deserving karma

In fact, those who were incarnated there, deserve to face such treatments from the rest. Such people due to their traditional factors are in the special zone. The natural zone of high temperature, and minimum varieties of it. With high temperature it is difficult to concentrate on things and examine them thoroughly. Reflectively, they experience the lack of communication, the lack of interaction, and the societies, groups, countries are in a social and technological stagnation, blockade where only smartest take guidance. That is a disaster zone once and for all. Perfect place for the second or third market, some of you might say. Well, it is true.

They refused to fight back their weak sides, and they have to face the reality. Reality of being punished for the passiveness. Mental passiveness. It is their real karma, where people were born in such countries to experience disaster. Those who fight back are the brave and risk at high level of losing life, respectively with those who escaped as well. The others, deserve total and dominant civilization treatment, even though sometimes that cost is too high and too long. The mean traditions are prolonged to centuries, and will keep their pace long after.

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