Meaning of taxes. They work 4 comfortable living conditions

The meaning of taxes to make our lives better

How taxes work

Free healthcare, security, social benefits all of these are results of taxes. Without taxes there is no growth.

Without taxes it is the path to the grave. High payments of taxes create high standards of life. There are still people who don’t understand the meaning of taxes. To live a successful happy life, one must have known that his taxes will go on to support for medicine, education, overall infrastructure, benefits where one inhabits. Life is basically not possible without taxes. Taxes mean contribution to the common essential needs and demands of the local people.

Starting from the healthcare, ending with the highway construction expenses, they make significant and meaningful positive impact on economy that makes it prosperous. They are forming such important aspects as Commonwealth and overall security from the outside intervention. It is very considerable especially in nowadays.

Taxes define the importance of citizens, signify the GDP per capita aspect, the ability to support themselves throughout the period of year and bring the high standards quality of life. This is not a joke. The rest of the beggar world could only have been dreaming about it. But, all they they do is dreaming and not performing. Even to make a simple economy work, it must take the loan for actions. Without the funds and innovative solutions, there’s hardly can be anything accomplished. Being that said, every single formation are taking the loans and paying their dues to the global bank. But are they fulfilling their obligations? Not quite.

External contribution won’t be wasted

Everyone will pay off their debts according to their appetites. One way or the other it will come down. Even those who didn’t build their competitive economy when they had the funds and chance to, they will be pushed to build such economy and be obligated to take more loans. It is their own waste. Global economy requires everyone’s involvement, no matter what standards they stand for.

Not every nation though understands their contribution to the world bank. Some of them don’t even have a clue how much they ought to pay back and what the hell are they living for. If you are not in front of the global needs and economy, you are supposed to serve those who are.

Important to mention that there are differences between developed and developing countries for a reason. We, as developed countries follow the constitution and pay our contribution in every single step and breath to our prosperity and improvement to the world bank, so we can benefit from it. Technology and innovations have become significant part of life. But they are affordable in developed countries, that spend their investments wisely when it was necessary and provide security on all of this.

Since there too many developing countries that don’t have such technologies, but eager to use it, they share their assets that have some values. In return they have the chance to get the loans and invest in something valuable this time. So developing ones can become developed. But the problem is, the ruling elites of such formations are almost never willing to perform their duties. Since they came to power with conspiracy, corruption schemes and apparently with huge core of greed behind them, it is almost impossible to witness any positive tendency.

In such case, developing countries become our investment zones of interests, so after all, we have the full right to get answers on why it’s taking so long. While those who take credit from the world bank, do not waste it on purpose, must pay in return. Developing countries cannot remain developing forever. There are some quality life standards exist, and you have to pay for them in order to use them.

Even the low-class burglars will pay out for the modern working tools to survive in their niche. Either by something innovative (which will make you developed one), or by assets that have common values. It’s impossible that you take the loans forever and moving nowhere. Someone has got to pay for delay.

If you don’t like to play by the common rules, then create your own safe economy zone, with only your own stuff, technology, innovations, ideas, transportation, home remedies, gadgets, etc. without taking any offence or advices. But make sure to use only your own stuff to be completely shut off from the developed world and having no interaction whatsoever. Let’s see where it ends. To some of them it means collapse and chaos. Because in such case they have to start over from the bronze, or even stone age to make any efforts. That will make them completely priceless. National pride and background values must have a firm reason to call off for patriotism. Otherwise, it will just sound silly.

Meaning of patriotism. Leaches of taxes

Patriotism must be reflective with the quality of life. It must be strictly justified. Those who don’t share the same idea will never bring some decent assets into society of high standards. They are just out fashioned, seasoned plague that has no place in XXI century. Other cases directly pointing out to dictatorship. Dictatorship must be handled by the stupidity of own people, that let the lowlife to come over.

The problem with developing countries is that they don’t invest in the free healthcare by the tax dollar back home. And they think it’s normal to pay for the healthcare on their own. Since they don’t have the free healthcare system, they have been easily adapted to corrupt even the medical personnel. And such medical personnel will not give you enough treatment if you won’t bring them some bribe under the table.

Every single dog knows that, but none is barking about it. And this is, ladies and gentlemen regarding saving your life! This is the cost of their lives, basically. Such kind of system has been growing since the collapse of USSR, all communist republics and Muslim countries. It’s still functioning though. Which makes it pretty clear, that formation has never been collapsed. All the same. Same slaves, bribery and corruption. This is their form of patriotism. Just like in the Stalinism period, nothing different.

But the worst thing happens when these kinds of assholes are coming to another, better system of management, where the tax dollars are wisely collected and preserved for the upcoming needs of local people. Not only they take an advantage from such tax dollar, they try to ruin the system they had come into. And this is the serious issue that requires a governmental approach to consider.

Tax cut

Preserved taxes for decades is fundamental priority. Preserved taxes for centuries is a phenomenal goal, which will result into an additional tax cut. People will spend less, but earn more. Eventually, some of the items would end up free in the stores. Such is the core of advancement in economy and interesting idea on taxes.

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