Medieval laws will not hide their sabotaging intentions

Nothing will survive under the medieval laws

Medieval laws cannot cooperate or co-exist with the present and modern society of the world. There are certain types of societies and people that you would not dare to spend your time with. Unless you want to regret about it. It is like explaining the simple basic school rules, common etiquette customs on how one should perform. Let them build their perfect society within themselves, without the help from within. We will see how far they will go. Their stereotypes, their history of performance has just been printed in their DNA and blood and that will carry on for their next generations.

Medieval laws do not work in the present modern society as of today. Absolutely impossible. Unless, they want to live in their fence without any help from outside, it is their struggle and responsibility to accommodate and mingle with the hosting side and be grateful about it. No exceptions. Or, the better idea, let them stay of where they at. Medieval laws cannot be tolerating towards the other religions, that can kindly live with each other. They are absolutely aggressive to the core. There is no place for them to co-exist within the developed modern society. There is no way to show them examples, they must educate themselves all by their own. Responsibility must appear by itself.

Medieval laws are highly operated by the chosen authorities. Those authorities that were allowed to proclaim themselves as the ruling elite. After that they start to write fairy tales about how it is important to obey these laws. Where the group is definitively not questioning them and do what they being said. And here you have the complete destructive force ready to spread out its plague elsewhere, nearby. But gladly today this will not work. There is a counter-force exists that reedy to put an end into it.

And that force is we the people, who can spread information across the globe and take actions immediately, despite the vicious attempts to take the control over. Good sense people are those, who can analyze, criticize and compare things with their true intentions. Nothing is hidden today.

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