Misunderstandings seriously affecting 3 spheres of life

Misunderstandings happen

Clear relations

There are no misunderstandings between people happen at all whatsoever. As a matter of fact, such people just require different approaches and styles of communication to get them closer. There is always a point of correlation between species, no matter how far they are from each other. The are always the same goals behind each party, so there must be no misunderstandings between people at all. The power of diplomacy is being capable to find correlation between all sorts of species. Even the most stubborn individuals always have weak points. Yet, misunderstandings happen when one party wants to get more than it claimed before. And that’s where the problems start to occur.

Genitival changes affect people’s minds in centuries the way they were treated. That’s because they never had the basic human rights. Thus, they have misunderstandings. They have no idea what they can have and what they are capable of. Consequently, one side will not understand the other of how things work for them. If one person was used to live the poor life, even by having wealth later on, one will stick to his habits. There is a big difference between opposite mindsets.

Human rights

As a first priority people must know their basic human rights. If they don’t know them, there are misunderstandings and is no comprehension. Understanding comes along with fair dealing, when both parties agree on something. It is equaling sharing 50/50, whether it is government/party or party/party. The governments though can agree on uneven deal, since their people have chosen their authorities to represent themselves. The government always win no matter how poor the country is, even sometimes the royalties might not come down on the lowest middle class citizens to feel the outcome of the dealership.

That’s how low and retarded developing countries are. Those regular people become second or even third class citizens, despite of availability of all commodities and facility. Misunderstandings come from people. The government is not interested in human rights whatsoever, since it is a stopping factor for stealing budget. Sheep never complain on their conditions. It is only interested in collecting and operating funds within the borders. But the government is alive thankfully to the same third class people that do not realize their importance as people, yet.

Since, they lack of Human rights, they do not realize their importance on the market dealing and equal trade collaboration. Misunderstandings come along when that poor government is trying to justify its actions in front of it’s people that it was all good and they want to stay longer. Meanwhile, all the agreements have been signed and documented by two independent states. So there goes misunderstanding between the initial government and the third party people, that had been mistreat by own authorities.

Misunderstandings in human rights is a serious issue today. People have to fight for their rights, in order to be recognizable and respected as an equal partner on the market, so there would be no questions. Human rights come first. You have to admit your values as a human being, declared on the paper, and then proceed to actions. Human rights is something that you never stops fighting for. Authorities violate their agreements every time they get caught with superstitious actions and unprecedented behaviour. The government-people relations must be closer than any relatives they accommodate with.

The government is accountable for it’s actions before the people. And people are accountable for their own life, actions and conditions they end up with. There is literally nobody left to blame on, if you are not satisfied with your life. You claim your basic rights by having authorities accountable for every single deal they are signing in. Once, they understood their values, they proceed to the next phase.


Only signed papers matter

Relations are built on simple facts. The cleaner the picture presented in the first place, the better. There must be no complications between people whatsoever. In the beginning humans were telling the truth and were honest and there were no misunderstandings. Later on, they learnt to mistreat and lie, that eventually made problems. Today lies go on paper virtually hidden by the smart terms and unnoticeable conditions, with the tiny and hard to read words on paper. This is how you sell things today by hiding them from the good observation and consideration. Once, the paper is signed, with all twisted conditions, it’s on.

How to deal with misunderstandings

Everything will be executed according to the signed papers. This is how the world works today.

All talks and details are left behind. This is the power of a pen and a paper sealed. This is how you make deals today. Every single detail, all conditions are mentioned and prescribed on the paper. There is not turn back once it is signed. This is why you have got to be skeptical and critical when reading and signing the papers down. Because quite often something could be missing and you will end up frustrated. There should be no misunderstandings.

People have to realize the power of putting signatures on papers. The whole countries and independent states are gone through this. History remembers those who commit declaring things around on papers, in the written form. Everything is monitored and documented. Public is agreed to serve the authorities one or the other way. It is the common recognition that once it is signed, no one will ever doubt it.

Once something becomes written, it becomes a fact. Through the years of decades, of centuries, it is a time machine that helps you to get back of what has been happened at that moment. Every single deal must be documented on paper. Spoken words without being recorded disappear in history and mean nothing. Talks create misunderstandings.

Talks mean nothing

All the chats and talks seriously mean nothing. People can say and promise things verbally all around they want, but it will not help them to move an inch towards their goal, unless they signed the papers. Here we come to comprehension, whatever people say will not affect a public much, unless it is recorded and publicly presented. But even those with the big mouth recorded will not have positive effect on such persons. People basically can live without saying much. They just have to perform according to the written articles.

Talks mean nothing. Arguments and verbal confrontations are useless. Don’t waste your time on that. Class is shown within the talks. The best encouragement goes from the real deal live example. Nothing speaks louder than actions. The quality of life is shown from commitment and dedication provided by the serious people who mean business.

Verbal promises mean nothing. Respect and recognition is built upon actions and live example. Business and political world imply to written documents being executed prior any actions. All negotiations must concern only upcoming papers and what they are going to include there. There must be no misunderstandings.

Recordings on spoken words help to protect yourself from frauds. In case something will go wrong, you can present it in public, and you will be acquitted. People used to say one things, imply the other and execute completely different. Sometimes it is not their fault. They were not well aware of how things will go down later. By signing the documents helps you to prevent unpleasant surprises coming down along the way. Negotiation must include all details that will appear on papers. Once, everything is signed by both parties, there are no misunderstandings. With the right partners, we save a lot of resources that will help us to become wealthier.

Saved efforts and funds

The right partners help us to save more. Not even that, a lot of time, efforts, expenses, energy is saved ahead if we deal with the right people. There are no misunderstandings happening whatsoever. Why should we the people waste our time with non professionals, when you got much more competitors in the market? Nonsense. Time is life and money. Right people make our lives simpler and better.

Negotiation becomes symphony that you consistently enjoy. No more misunderstandings that affect our spheres of life. With the saved efforts and funds we can achieve basically more than we expect. New capabilities and achievements coming along the way. Not to mention, there are opportunities coming up to invest into something more, which in turn will bring royalties. There is no wastage, you cannot lose.

People become frustrated when they spend their efforts and funds on those who will not back them up. And this mostly happens with non professionals. Such species inhabit in the poor, retarded countries where no sane mind has ever been witnessed. Those people are too smart that they are still looking for their enemy within the borders and beyond that is guilty on all their misfortunes. They claiming that they have been here since ancient times and almost never experienced troubles.

However, somehow they cannot resolute their simple problems today. It is because they never follow their own rules to begin with. Misunderstandings will be always there coming along by trying to collaborate with them. Simple facts they never follow the rules. As a result, you spend more and more efforts and funds on these. It is much easier to negotiate and deal with sane and logic humans than those who are just on their entrance to legitimacy and equal rights path. Let them stress their own problems by themselves. They are not grateful anyway.

The process of dealing with reliable partners becomes consistent, once you make a deal. With preserved efforts and funds you can invest more and wisely. What else do you need? There will be no misunderstandings with professionals. Professionals truly are those who can sell big and effortless. They don’t even have to shout out to be noticed. That’s the power of professionals. People want to deal with them, because they are bringing a living fro everyone. They are recognizable any day a week, twice on Sunday. Life is about selling and making money. And such people attract it without much efforts.


The laws of market dictate the life flow of all living materials. Everything is about an exchange and involvement. There are no misunderstandings and doubts about it. Life of exchange gives life for everyone, in case authorities think about people. It is just a matter of taxes how far that dealing goes to include all people. One big event concerns everyone around and create a living for all. This is the life, basically. Correlation between two parties create a living for all around. The longer correlation exists, the longer we have partnership. Long partnership creates new jobs. Recognition is above and beyond. Such working atmosphere takes on new level. More and more people are getting involved to get the share.

New aspirations

Once, such business has been established there come new goals. There is no more misunderstanding to get involved into it. New goals and aspirations are tickling ambition. Since you have preserved and saved efforts with funds, you can afford it. Your family members start to respect you. You get new friends and acquaintances. You begin realizing your uniqueness among the people.

With new aspirations selling for you is a matter of nothing. Everyone wants to take a piece from your success. You get the best place to live, best cars, best women, etc. People are talking about you nonstop. You make money out from nothing, just by appearing in a public. And this is a flawless interaction of how we make royalties. No misunderstandings.

Right time and place

With the right time and place is how we create our future. Your body will naturally reflect the needs if you need to perform and tell about yourself. Usually, it is advised to wait your moment to shine. But follow your feelings. Your body will not let you down. You just come up in the right time and place to be on the top of the market. You come up with new ideas, talents, expectations, needs. You just simply do it. And there is the right time and place for that. There are no misunderstandings about that. Everything has its own time and place to shine, and everybody feels it when it happened. You will not miss your opportunity out.