Needs that essential are tremendously based on 1 ego

Needs in maturity

Maturity means the ability to support oneself. Once you become mature enough, you can support yourself. Maturity is the ability to accept all the realities we facing everyday and being able to deal with them. All the struggles and issues are acknowledged and regarded. Whatever the obstacles are around we can easily handle them. The most grown individuals out there can manage entire societies and even countries. Either they take that responsibility gracefully or they are so disgraceful that can even sleep well with all the problems people are experiencing and disregard their common national debt. Such disobedience will lead to collapse.

Even by being married or even having family to look after, does not guarantee that you are matured enough. It means that you are testing yourself of being tough and rough to face the reality. But if you were bluffing with yourself, the life will bitch you down to your knees and make you suffer even more by making you do something that you had never been ready for. Hence, maturity is the responsibility before only yourself. Ask yourself, are you ready to take these steps ahead? Will you handle it? Are you mature enough to step up? Cause if you don’t, the price is going to frustrate you.

Essential needs

What is the most important thing in life

You have to pursue your career if you want to live decently.

Everything is affordable through actions. Chic and classy life are for those who made it happen, not for those who expected it delivered by somebody.

Everyone has different needs. Since the essence was born, it wants to live a separate, independent life from the nest. That’s for those to acknowledge who are performing parental tasks. A person wants to have its own space of existence since then. One must not have been interfered without permissions or restrictions. You are suggesting the path to success according to the needs.

Private property

Thievery is still the big issue among all kinds of societies. It is happening due to the absence of the simple laws that would protect your property. It is essential to have your own property. All the other cases refer to the enslavement of people. Democratic and free countries can support their people. It is always a 50/50% fare shares between government and people. The rest are taking advantage over the public.

Freedom of speech

Political oppressions and persecutions do not allow people to express of what’s going on there. Everyone has the right for voice, though. But, those who are afraid to express their opinions, are doomed to suffer more. They just become the tools in the hands of tyranny. Since you don’t Mind, the authorities can take an advantage over it. This is how it works. The needs of freedom and life push people to speak out no matter what. Somebody even get killed for speaking out the truth. This is the price for keeping the silence too long.

Human rights

They get beaten, they get humiliated, oppressed and even man-slaughtered by the more powerful individuals in order to preserve the governance and sadistic nature. To prove your needs of being free takes a lot. Either you have it, or you fight for it. Nobody is going to please your needs at their expenses. But even in that case, there’s a price for it. An oppressed person always must demand his rights, in case he wants to fulfil his human rights needs.

One fact is for certain. Every single person have to fight for his rights on his own. Nobody is going to deliver it to you unless you’re fighting for it.

Severe conditions

The best stimuli to achieve something, is to have a good contrast of what you have, and what you want. Poor and bad conditions stimulate hunger and forcibly push people to get more what they need. Bad conditions make people move and commit actions. Actions to improve your state and home, not escaping it. The faith to improve your life keeps moving you forward towards your goal

Actions and expectations

Even if you were moving into the wrong direction you will end up somewhere anyway. They key of success is to never stop until you get it. Whilst, being expected something to get in favour for granted is the way to nowhere. You will waste your time. Actions let you fulfil your dreams. To get something you have to give something first. And committed actions is the best term for the exchange intercourse. Get in love with what you do. In the end, that work will pay off. Always.

People commonly are passive in their nature. They think that good luck and certainly somebody out there will help them out and fulfil their needs. And they don’t have to move a finger about it. But they forget that this is more an exception, rather than the rule. Your expectations must have a solid background to be existed.

Handle your needs

Needs that essential are considered to have your own space, the space for your family and children. People cannot live without family, since all of us one day become old. By being alone at the old age is not good. We interact with each other anyway.

How well enough do you love yourself? Keep asking yourself that question. It will determine your abilities. Because, that will define your love towards your family in the future. Under the love it means sponsorship and full support of you and your family under your strengths. If you don’t love yourself enough, your enclosed circle will notice your attitude. And you will suffer, since of inability to support your family. If you are not able to support your family, it brings karma. You start burning wasting yourself at the expense of yours.

There is simply no more yourself to consider, only your family to take care of. And then your needs are simply disappear, like they have never been before. You are simply paying the needs of others, in this case those who you are responsible for. This is the price for getting married and having sex. If you can’t support your family, you as a male go off. But it doesn’t mean you are still free from your obligations as a father. It is just your debt and karma that one or the other way will let you know about it. Do not grab what you can’t handle.

If you can’t handle something, you will place it back at your own expense and will return on your route where you belong. It has never been a solution to turn around and escape from your duties. Hence, your duties must be based upon your needs.

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