New generation responsibility. Grown from 18

New generation

We as people bring the full responsibilities to our children, the new generation we have. The time it is going to be born at, the place it will show up at, the environment it will be surrounded by in his new physical world. So, we as people bring total and irrevocable responsibility to such sinless souls. Why? Because, one had got the nerve to make him appear, and must have enough courage to support him in his journey rightfully and impeccably till that baby will have no questions that far on how to perform unconditionally with without questions left.

The new generation creates the life we all living at. Some people perform right from the bat, the other take the time to think thoroughly before proceeding to actions. Just ready to perform actions. That is where a total responsibility of both parents appear to be truthful. However, not always perfect parents out there to execute their duties. Sometimes, males were not smart enough to handle daily routines down maturely. It happens. It means they themselves were not ready for life. But that’s another story.


Things are done, one goes further. A good mother can handle it. Though, if mother decides to leave it’s child, the cruelty fully falls down on her conscience. Later on, such lady will regret it deeply down, and will never stop blaming herself for that. Why a female is more responsible for abandoned child? Because, in her entire life she has only a few ‘eggs’ produced by her body, that potentially might turn into her future children. And moral part is totally depends on her attitude, whether she decides to keep a child and take care of it, or leave it in the care of a fate. I would suppose, mostly ladies perform positive in this situation.

The new generation have much more responsibility in comparison with the old one.

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