No excuses unless taking salary. Surprises 4 us

Give no excuses for what you did

People should not make no excuses for performing surprises. If they had not been paid for what they did, they can. Though, it is stupid. However, if a person exactly new what he has been doing and has taken royalties for it, he has to accept the whole consequences and punishments coming along with it afterwards. That is a new level responsibility taken and a grown up approach.

If an entity or a person has been accused on harmful things performed, but defending itself claiming he or they were pushed to do it, the simple question is whether did they get the salary what has been done or not. It will justify the punishment over them. Funds has been taken, performer has used them and proceeded to make a public surprise, that people were not ready to welcome it, then one is taking the whole responsibility of what is going to be with such person. No excuses.

On the other hand, free things do not obligate a person to pay for them. If a person has been pushed though, that is an oppression and intimidation. There is no society in such plane that can dare to protect an individual. Only those who take salaries, grab things when they can and leave off while possible. Such groups are doomed to suffer even more deeply. There is nothing left exists that can save them. No excuses.

Of course, it does not apply to the law following communities, where everything is followed by constitution, common sense and other legal priorities. Surprises are committed, when the people were not ready to welcome them. The common sense that running minds of majority has the judgment authority over all. Permission to act is delivered by the grown managing society. That follows its own laws and regulations. Such people will not have any excuses for what they done. Consequently, there will be no surprises committed. Everything is smooth.

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