No relatives but governmental influence 4 basics

Finding the true relatives

Nobody is close to you as a person except your awareness and consciousness. And relatives are the farthest. There is no difference between relatives and other people. Everyone brings what they can, so at the end to take what needed.

Both of them await initial actions from you and treat you equally. Except from the relatives. They consider your initiatives for free, since you are their ‘relative’. They try to rely on your skills, betray you when needed and are looking for the back up from you when necessary. Those with the big mouth are the worst. They take everything they can from you from the scratch and even blame if something was not appropriate. Never bother to return things back. When you try to tell them they are wrong they don’t listen.

When they don’t listen they are counting to be ‘perfect’ in their world. But as the time goes by, the world place them in the right place with the right stuff. The social status is a perfect judge.

That is why I prefer governmental influence and regulations. The highest state that had been bothered to imply its influence on such detailed levels deserves stand up applause. There is no perfect individual. But for the sake of public safety it is important when a government can help you out with simple instructions. It depends on the government itself though. What kind of state is that? How long that state has been protecting its constitution? What sort of relations between the government and people? Also, it is important how much money that government is ready to invest in its own people.

Their safety, their commodities, healthcare, infrastructure, overall protection, borders, how taxes are regulated. That is what makes difference between reliable, accomplished state from mediocre nonsense.

When there is no problem with authorities, there is no problem with people and relatives. You can thoroughly see what they had been cost and what’s been said before, how they treated you in every word and did they really meant what’s been said. You can see how they truly relate to you as a person. And can make judgments upon that. The circle of so called “relatives” are really diminished since then. That is great.

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