Nothing is over. There’s always 1 better solution

Nothing is over. Never give up

The moment one feels it’s all over, nothing is over. There is always a better solution hiding. Even being eaten one gives both exits opportunities. You just need to peer down closely and maybe wait for sometime. It usually happens when you are surrounded by more powerful confronters over you. They might have more powerful frequencies over you. Aggressive enemy does not have a common united idea and a mental core. Once you find the solution, enemy is scattered. Never be afraid, once you are – you will loose. Actions are meant to be ended one way. Even if someone offended you, it is not the end of the world. Eventually, you will take back what is yours.

Karma exists. Try to develop your frequencies, that are helpful to you in one another aspects of life. Life is continuous. Nothing is over. Never give up. Keep doing what you doing. There is always an end on the path. That path might be difficult, but it is just making you stronger, and definitely will put you in the right place in the end. Never give up.

Nothing is over. Those who betrayed you will get what they deserve in return. Don’t waste your time again on them. They will betray you again. The world is big. There are all kinds of people exist. There are some of your friends awaiting you. The righteous always win.

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