Odd women nature. 2 be aware of social parasites

Carry of a nation

Here we will try to understand the women nature. Are the women mostly artists? Yes. Are they performers? Yes. Do we see them as the warmongers or conquerors? No. Why? Because of their nature. The structure of the body, the hormones’ content and historical background. Mostly they tend to be nice and warming. Due to their ability to give the life for the next generations and take a good care they almost never confront. They basically carry the nation within themselves. And are looking for the best conditions for their potential children no matter what.

Natural attributes

The natural structure of the hair helps them to be of what they are. We can see it by percentages who has long hair. Intuitively they have connection to Cosmos. Through the hair people can comprehend a lot of things. They literally mind their own business. Hair basically perform as antennas of the body. Without hair it would be difficult to orient in this complicated world. And women have a perfect sense for their safety beforehand. That particle of body is important.

Freedom of women nature

Even in ancient times cutting hair was disgraceful act towards the bearer. That’s why slaves and servants were forced to cut their hair. Sometimes even shaved bald. Freedom is equal to intuition and long hair. It is a natural and sensitive thing that helps to see or prevent unwilling surprises. Even little kids don’t like excessive physical activities, where their personality might get hurt.

However, it is all up to the owner, whether he wants to stay stylish or not. It always must be practiced by the own will, and not forcedly managed by one or the other government. XXI century is about people’s capabilities in most fun, intuitive and reliable way. Because successful people carry about the quality, not quantity. All the solid physical execution work is left to robots. And those people win, who are supported well enough and free in every aspect. The women freedom is a 1st priority.

Beware of social parasites

Women nature will help to extinct parasites that are so crucial to our society. They can feel the danger coming up to their sphere. For example, there are too many crouching men, especially form the poor countries, who are easily dealing with and living off by budget of a woman. Those are unsuccessful societies, where men outnumbered women artificially. In return, there is no much place for such men. Like in China, or some Middle Eastern groups. Natural selection.

But the worst thing is, not only women are in small amounts trying to find their piece of mind, but the atmosphere has been terribly changed. The air is polluted to the hell in those regions. What do the men do? They come off the spoiled zone, and proceed to the next one in looking for advantage. Here is where people should say stop! They must fix their problems out in their territories by themselves. They will do it on their own expense.


Those women who are facing such ‘gentlemen’ are in serious troubles. Such women can face intimidation, abuse and even physical assault. You can see it happening all around with Muslim men marrying the women of other nations and ethnicities. They simply do not treat them equally. As a consequence, such woman is left without her child that is taken away from her. Women nature should tell her whether it’s good for her child or not. Think about it.

Women nature to find the spouse

That’s why the pick of a spouse is an important procedure for a lifetime. You cannot just simply mingle around with somebody that is not of your nature. One will encounter disaster. You as a woman have priorities before your children. To give them the proper education at finest. Women nature even here helps to outsource the bad semen. Women are specifically interested in the Alpha males. The natural selection. And they cannot be blamed about that. She is meant to give the life to that Alpha male extended. So eventually one will be able to survive and enrich his space. Such is the women nature.

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