Old rules nicely evaporate away through history 2

Old rules had been brought artificially

Sky is no longer a limit. People can reach the other part of the world in a matter of hours. This is no longer an issue. People are interconnected within each other in a matter of seconds. The way of interaction changes very fast. Anyone has the phones to reach out what’s going on and make even a contribution at the same time. It is like everybody is connected to each other. Except one thins. The old generation. It is quite difficult to connect the old and the new in one. The issue is in the comprehending the old generation. They just think, act and react differently.

One important feature of old rules needs to be acknowledged. They act in the most naïve and simpler way through their prism of understanding. What something has been working yesterday, does not work today, and will definitely not work tomorrow. That is a good changing tendency, though. Old rules players might be severe and pretend to have a knowledge about everything around. That is a bluff seeking for the soft characters to take on. Economically speaking they still want to take the big piece, even though they realize it is not possible. This is their problem. They couldn’t achieve what they wanted back when they were younger, and still apply to such old rules and thinking to win.

If those who played by the old rules didn’t change their lives for good when they had the chance, it means their arguments are worthless to protect them back in their best days and today. Such old rules did not work. Neither they are going to work as of these days. Results cannot be disputed. Numbers never lie. If one has wasted his life for drugs, alcohol, outdoors, women and nothing before while being young, smart and strong, he is going to pay for not investing in his elderly later on. Life facts can be hard, tough but fair.

Your future essence will not forgive you for betraying and disregarding it. And most important thing is to use the practical, wise and useful rules that actually work. You set the work buy the right rules, and it is all on. If it somehow stops working somewhere, then it means the rules were wrong. Such rules do not fit into the present reality. Everything must be set once and automatically, just like in nature. The nature has been set once billion years ago, but still it is functioning till this day. There is nothing wrong with it, it is perfectly organized.

So applies to the rules.

How to play by the old rules

If they were right, they continue to function without the damage no matter what. And they never get old.

Basically, they don’t have a time affect on them and they are natural, perfectly taking roots with the rest. It is like writing the constitution for all. If it’s perfectly harmonizing with all without infringement of others rights, then it is fine. But, if its somehow having negative affect on one part, it is crucial for all. Being that said, the rules must resemble with the natural constitution rules, so it they will not evaporate away.

The washed up rules have been brought up here artificially. By the people, by those who are not really as such, and by somebody else. Such rules were set intentionally to hurt people in the long term, or unconsciously without some bad intentions. Either way, they have not been supposed to appear at all, which means a waste has been committed. The waste of resources, energy spent in the wrong direction. It is the debt before the lands, that one or the other way will be paid back. Mistakes and errors will not be forgiven in the face of a cosmic harmony recognition.

One important thing to notice, is that the old rules have a tendency to go away no matter what. They will not stick up aggressively and parasite on the rest. They just disappear through the history of humanity attempts.

Old rules are the history

History must teach people how not to perform. History, is how people learn from mistakes in the past. The cost for it are sources, efforts, lives sacrificed. Because, people were not enough educated to look through and be smart enough to avoid mistakes. Economically speaking to learn by mistakes is not profitable. History proves that the leadership of all was taken by the greedy, destructively ambitious, envious, vicious, wretched people that would never flinch to steal before the public. It is those who should never be in that position of management. Though by the will of fate, had taken the power and control. Control of the taxes, resources, and all the institutions that manipulate with ease.

Taxes is what we people contribute to each other by our daily activities, habits, customs to our wellbeing. What we do is partially spent on tax. Tax cut is what changes our lives in history the way we spend and contribute to our basic needs. Such needs will never go off. New regulations of spending taxes are something that the old rules have not achieved. But the old rules must evaporate away to history.

Letting them out is the best way to commemorate the history. Old rules do not apply its laws on people today. They simply cannot find their practice anymore and diminish in the pace of history. Diminished by the factor of improvement and overall rehabilitation for the cause of the public wellbeing.

Do not play by the old rules anymore, because you will get washed up faster and get the same karma in return. Messing with your past never helps. Habits and views are changing everyday. More practical and cheap solutions come over to handle the problems. There you have innovations coming up.

Innovations have got to be accepted

Innovations are brought up by geniuses that save people and lands from committed mistakes and errors. The simple and shortcut solutions to solve the problems is what innovations are all about. Most importantly, they provide cheap solutions, and more effective in return. The core of innovations lies in the ergonomics, efficiency and dividends. Starting from agriculture and ending up in the space programs is a good start.

It is time to expand the grounds and lands of humans up to the outer space. The next pace will be involving all units of people to spend their tax dollars on space aka cosmic programs to be involved in their everyday daily life routine. And finally it will be free to travel in space back and forward to set the new goals.

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