Outcome of efforts don’t waste yourself 4 nothing

Plan ahead your efforts

Feel the outcome of efforts. Don’t share your plans upfront. You will pay the price anyway. Just make sure they it is spent wisely. Have a sense of what you want to achieve before proceeding to actions. Maybe you want to express yourself naturally. Or expose your potential skills. Whether you work hard or doing nothing at all, always project the direction of where you are moving to. Be smart, do not listen to the negative people. Don’t say what you think to no one. You never know who is your enemy and who is your real friend. Even the real friends sometimes come up to the point where you are no longer in need for them. Sadly, but happens.

A trust must be earned at the expense of a seeker. Not yours endeavour. Sometimes people say encouraging to put an effort to get what you want. I would say feel the outcome of efforts, first. Do not harsh yourself up, do not burn yourself down. Because, not succeeding by it, if you tried hard enough, will waste your energy in vain. That would be a wastage no one wants to experience. Use the working streams of existing forces. Those who work hard enough, has built indisputable reputation and rely on income will not disappoint you. Competing will not make any good. But, having a partnership with them, is a win-win situation.

Outcome of efforts

You don’t have to push yourself upfront if you wont succeed anyway. Perform wisely. All of your endeavours do not disappear to nowhere. They are changing up the space around. Even if you were misled, you still doing good by your intentions. Intentions make your dreams come true. One or the other hand, you will come down to the point where you will get what you deserve. That will be the outcome of efforts of yours. Basically, the essence or the spirit of the body knows exactly of what has been achieved and what direction needs to be headed to.

And versatile maneuver if needed. Eventually a soul ended up to be satisfied. Collect your royalties gracefully whatever the subject had been completed. And know what you are capable of. Know the price of you.

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