Outstanding physical abilities. 20-20k dB sound range

Outstanding abilities

If people would have been able to use animal abilities to their own needs they would succeed at different spheres of infrastructure.

Unusual sound possibilities of animals might sometimes blow the mind. Let’s look at bats, dolphins and other creatures. They spew, produce the sound. The sound that has significant impact on the external world. Bats can navigate in the dark, while dolphins can give a fright to the sharks. Just by using outstanding sound frequencies. Amazing abilities. There are many more creatures that can use such abilities.

The sound frequency varies from 20-20000 dB on Earth. But it does not mean, it limits this way. Sound frequency can extend even higher than 20k db. However, the humans ear will not hear it. Moreover, it can even suffer from much more frequencies applied directly into it. That is why people can see some limitations and warnings off and on the appliances and households to be aware of. But it does not mean people can use it wisely up in space.

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