Passage 2 the Mage. The right path by Cosmotread

How the world creatures scheme looks like?

Predict things like a mage, it will save all yourself from disaster. Let’s break things down into the next scheme.

Bacteria >> Insect >> Amphibian >> Avifauna >> Animal >> Human Being >> Physic >> Mage >> Wizard>> Sorcerer

This is how the living form expresses itself in the evolution perspective. We the people somewhere in the middle of our journey. If the flow goes, there will be an end for it. Which direction to finish decides only you. There must be some structure to understand how the essence evolves itself from the first move to the last. Let’s look at the common example of ours.

Just like some government or union of state, or some other communities or countries collapses into pieces, so does the whole human body. The principles work in one body as a whole. In one case we have organs. If you betray one of them, the whole body will not work properly. This is how things work. Everywhere. So does the group of people. If they lose an idea that unites them, they split up freely to another stronger formation.

The formation that follows principles. There are principles of the nature, principles of machinery, likewise there are principles of predictions. To become a mage, one should be able to maintain and interfere to things, rather than just observe and see them. To do so a mage should be able to interact with the future time.

Let’s look at another example

Future << Predictions << Senses << Knowledge << Education << Will << Customs << Lifestyle

By basing on such formula, lifestyle creates our future. And the sooner you will evolve your lifestyle, which will deliver you that most important identity of yours, the faster you will become the mage. With identity you become that strong formation which will lead the rest. With being a mage you can prevent unwilling things, predict things, or conversely build up necessary conditions for desired statements. The main condition is to never stop development process of oneself. Just like mage does.

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