Patriots that completely sacrificed their lives for 1 goal

Patriots that protected us

Patriots are the meaningful people and groups of society. Throughout the history, there were people who sacrificed their lives for the higher purposes of the public. To protect what has been working fine. It was their priority. Usually there was the land they all were fighting for. The land where people would enjoy their lives without worries for their future and future of their children. Such land would have definitely taken care of them. Thus, us the people have the constitution that is protecting our rights.

We never let intruders to take advantage over our lands. The lands that gave the wealth and freedom. It is not something to have it exchanged for cheap. That works only with communists. Who never protected their private property rights and had zero tolerance to human beings. Hence, communists and else will never come above our lands and commit their natural tasks and crimes to destabilize already completed state. Patriots were brave to resist. So are we.

Appreciation to the patriots

It is important to remember them. And appreciate their contribution to the public we have today. Therefore, it is important being able to do what’s right, being focused and fully inspired. History puts everything in the right places. And lands attract certain affirmations like magnet. One land lives in prosperity, the others not really. It is just a natural selection. Thus, they get what they deserve. Nothing more nothing less. There should be absolutely no sorrow for those who missed the chance to protect their human rights. It is not our expense to help them sort out something they will never appreciate or comprehend.

Because, success is one dimensional. They have to go through the certain way to achieve that condition. If they will receive the help, it will not work. They will get back to their state where they belong. And start moving from there. That’s why they choose to rely on knowledge or not. Let them do the rest. Helping developing countries is not our task to prevail. Never was and never will be. People themselves should realize their priorities and make decisions. Priorities that bring inspiration to move ahead.

There will be rewarding

Aspiring to the goal is what makes it perfect by any means. Set your goal upfront and keep going there till you finally reach it. No matter what is an obstacle, never give up. Never lay your hands down. Do what you need to do, while you can. As one famous Indian guru once said, first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, afterwards they imitate you, and finally you win. Persistency is the key to success. This, is the only way to succeed within all of your efforts and talents you were meant to be born with. After all those efforts you gain social respect.

Pace of respect deserve only those who have contributed and made it out completely for the better, didn’t flinch away when they had the chance to. Those who did and still were keeping their big mouth run open are sore hopeless losers. Natural selection will take care of the weak. Eventually, the right commitment will be praised.

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