Payment of debts will get truly every1 without exception

Payment of debts is a part of people’s life

Whoever is thinking that they can get away with all their obligations and debts in front of the world reside in delusions. Payment of debts will reach every single person that is ought something to payback for taking the loan. Whether it is welfare or significant sum from the world bank. If you take the loaf, make sure to handle it. Otherwise, it will have been stuck in throat. Payback time will not wait long.

Taking a loan might be not that bad idea. But, you will pay the debts in return. If you can get easily hired by protective government and get a job, you don’t have to worry. Because, all your endeavours to improvise will go to nowhere. That’s where your blood obligations are coming from.

There is no simply initiatives from your party. You cannot put something contrary to it. You just come to work, you do your job and go back home. This is the payment of your debts. This is whole your life. It doesn’t mean it’s bad, though. You simply cannot have a different opinion. It’s just the way it is. Deal with it, unless you are going to come up with something new.

Big loans make you to pay the big payback. It means, in anyway the payment of debts will be prosecuted. No matter what it will cost. And there comes the trick. When you try to cover that hole up, somebody smart out there come over you and take roughly what belongs to you. Then, you have to pay your debts again, despite such mean burglary. Enclosed circle. What can you do about it? Try to improvise before taking the loan. Because, it will end up you in payment of debts.

And that is how the global economy works in the developed countries. Those countries that didn’t take the loan from the world bank can survive on their own, since their economy allow them to. They don’t have to pay for expensive cars, electronics, computers, commodities, be equal to the standards of the modern life etc. They can live on their own. All they have is enough for them to live the life in full, be happy with what they have and get satisfied without interception. Moreover, they can easily co-exist with the rest of society. Which makes it even great.

The payment of debts

One or the other way, everyone will pay their dues, their debts and their obligations to the public. Payment of debts is not exception. It is even more significant in the global economy. The system helps to run one particular country under such regulations.

How to pay your debts

Authorities taking loans, people pay the debts. All is fair enough. If, you don’t like your government, go and strike.

You have the right for your voice to be heard. Make sure to have a support behind your back though, since it will be more effective. But, since the people are allowed to be ruled by such authorities there is nothing wrong with that.

The play of victim won’t help

No matter how stupid you are, at the end of a day you will end up in the payment of debts, one way or the other. Same applies to the global economy. Those who don’t follow the rules and contribute to the global economy, are doomed to pay the aliens’ debts, whether they like it or not. Simple formula that is. You cannot just not be the part of something than bigger than you.

Either you are in the market taking some leading role, that always hungry, desperate to the bones by making conveniences and royalties around yourself, or you stand in the lane with those who serve them. Who cares about true nature and talent? There is a big economy machine above the rest that must function and never stop. That is aggressive indeed. But who allowed it to happen? People themselves. And this is the payment of debts.

Today it is impossible to have peace everywhere. Somewhere people have peace, elsewhere not really. We cannot persuade them to become monks or to follow certain orders in the matter of time. They are having their own path into it. Maybe its going to take too much time, until they realize how to stop terrorizing the world and make things simple. Maybe they will never accomplish that goal through their vision. One way or the other, natural selection will cure itself. There must be no doubts about that.

The living class starts from the simple and right ideology. The right ideology is to live freely and independently without any loans and debts. Because, there will be no any other economical or else improvisations in life. People will not freely express themselves because of the payment of debts. It is a dead end.

Those who has taken loans, understand responsibility and the price to pay. Without the loans their economy would stagnate and there would be collapse and war. So anyway, one or the other person would take that responsibility on behalf of the public. Such countries allow themselves to use computers, internet, modern commodities, convenient transportation and many other luxuries. Let them contribute to the world bank of what they have now.

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