Peace at stake. Everybody vigorously strives to get 1’s own

At the end of a battle, confrontation, struggling, there comes a peace. Everyone strives for a calming and relaxing life in the end. No matter how hard some convince people to believe the opposite, it is not true. Moreover, this is how the people get mistreated and become the victims of the scammers. People get older with the time flowing. Everybody is trying to invest in their own future. The sooner you will realize the importance of investing into your own future, the better.

Aggression is a false thread

Today almost anyone don’t hesitate to build their peace at the cost of others. They can go on any deal. The most naïve and simple people live in risks of being used. But, even if aggressors receive denials, they proceed with intimidation and abuse. Disregard any sorts of threats. Good strategy always consists of misleading, fake announcements. This is primarily for your own sake of freedom. The earlier you have the fake image of your own, the faster you will get to your desired point. Quite simple, you will have more maneuvers in case of any mistake. This is why you never say your true intentions.

By showing deliberate aggression, is just psychologically taking advantage in the battle. To scary people is the way to take over them. We have to give them credit for how they are trying to get what they want. But this is not appreciated. One can act big and tough. But it is just to cover up one’s weak sides. Battle is not worth, if its not for peace. Some people get there faster, some of them not, others never get there.

There’s a reason for each particular case. One of them is to set the right goals beforehand. The purpose of aggression is to make you a wrong move. When people are out of their mind they are unconscious and tend to make mistakes. It may cost them a lot. It is very important to stay cool at all times.

Peace of mind at stake


How to get peace

Invest into your own future. Future is there, where you will retire. Make sure to have everything beside.

For example, without the free healthcare service, people are nobodies. Some of them are very stupid. They all act tough and strong when they are young, thinking they don’t need medical care and they will be young forever. But when the time comes, they all end up laying on the bed, begging for medical supplies, expecting the careful treatment, looking for mercy. How pathetic are those, who didn’t consider about the free healthcare service on time.

They all are dying in agony, realizing how stupid they were back then, when they had strengths to fight for their future. Their peace of mind has been deluded. It was all hoax. They didn’t consider to change their lives for better. Let them pay the bills, accordingly. Those who thought about it, and made commitments on time, are all going to be fine. But only with one exceptional condition. The domestic budget must be dead well secured and regulated. It must not be unreasonably spent on supporting aliens, and off to unnecessary projects.


Hanging around with those who will not share your house, is a waste of time. Making affairs with them and even produce a child is enslavement. You will be forced to support your child and that leach, whom appeared to be your spouse at your own expense. People don’t realize the importance of picking the right spouse. It actually defines the whole vector of their subsequent events in life. Whether them like it or not, they share everything by 50/50 scale between both parties, no matter who’s right and who’s wrong. It’s all about sharing equally.

And if one party somehow, somewhere has been wrong, or it does not get enough shares from your commitment, the other party will pay at one’s own expense. If it won’t be ready to pay, it’s gonna be the end. There you have the divorce. Not a single union is worth being such a miserably wasted. And then one starts all over. But this time one goes with less actions. It means, one wisely expects to get of what one deserves. But with less time.

Family creates your peace of mind. They are those who will accept all your negative habits, sides and will admit you the way you are. It applies only to those who have been close to you since your childhood. To find a long-term spouse, half, part is kind of pretty difficult task, since human being has a tendency to change his life, views, and mood. You never pick your love. The love picks you when all stars aligned. It just happen to appear naturally, effortlessly. At that moment, you don’t think to perform.

You just react, without any acknowledgements of perception. And you like it. But remember one thing, when you get acquainted with your potential spouse, you don’t like and certainly don’t want to be fooled under no circumstances with this affair. And always have an option to back down. So if you want to get an honest expression to yourself, you treat people honestly in return. Family relations are no different from the business sphere. If you think you can screw someone over in the business environment, this is not gonna work in the family forming field.

Even by mistreating your spouse and get away with it, it will accordingly side affect your both common investments later on, such as children. And one or the other way, there will be a payback impact. Much stronger. Such is life. Honesty helps to maintain the family in a long-term union. Moreover, it is a core of relationships. Once the honesty is gone, there is nothing going to keep the family.

How difficult is it to find an honesty today for a relationship matters? Very difficult. Hence, you never fast forward events. Especially, in a matter of forming the family. Once, you clean up your dishonest background, then you can proceed to form a family.

Celibates and monks

This category consists of the stressless people on Earth. First of all, they don’t commit mistakes, they are effortlessly floating with life, and inhabit without worries to get what they deserve. Second, they are less to none aggressive, which makes them easier to get the peace of mind. Such people are just enjoying themselves around, carefully equating the risks. Nobody bothers them, they don’t bother others.

Peace of mind has a price

Stupid actions and mistakes put you through hell. Either way, you are going to pay for what you have done or destroy yourself from within. The best advice, is to never play with fire. Results might be devastating.

When you will become so old and realize that no one’s left around you that would take care of you, that is the moment you accept your fault to prevent such things, that would have never happen, if you’d organize yourself on time and be a little smart. Peace of mind has a price to pay. On one side you have a piece, on the other disorder and chaos. You take care of your house and clean it up periodically. Nobody and nothing is going perform your tasks.

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