People are surefire the part of Cosmos. And vice versa

People should not worry much about the future

Cosmic energy flows up into us 24/7/365. It is our matter. We as people contain such flows inside of us. Whatever people do or don’t, there is nothing wrong with it. Either way, everything on the planet will be straightened and fixed by the space laws. It is just a matter of a time. And here we understand how the time works. It is fixing stuff committed accidentally wrong by inhabitants.

The only power of persuasion is delivered by cosmos. One cannot simply make another one do something against it’s own nature. It will bring more unwilling questions. Everybody is responsible for their own flows and sakes. Everyone is performing according to his or her will. It is a fully natural statement. Persuasion does not work here. Encouragement does. But the sample must be promising. Otherwise, people get frustrated too much. Hence, the energy should be spent wisely.

How you going to spend it, is all up to your priorities. Whether you busy with science, physical activities or do not bother yourself at all. Everything is on the way it supposed to be. There is no need to be concerned too much. The future will take care of itself. All you have to do is response accordingly. Responses and reflections are our mirror. All we do is just putting things right at their places.

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