Persuade 2 action better. Not truly necessary

Who deserve help?

Those who are willing to get helped.

Persuade to action. Helping people is a good deed. Nevertheless, not everyone out there deserves it as a gift.

At the end of the day and life, everyone will get what they deserve. There must be no sorrow for the old men. They have spent their lives on unimportant things and didn’t invest enough and didn’t move an inch of themselves to have no problems in the end. Begging for mercy and showing their pathetic state that’s what they have accomplished so far. What I mean is, if we speaking to volunteer them. Completely washed up species.

Why should people bother themselves by helping them, if they didn’t help themselves? No sorrow for elderly. They strictly get what they deserve. Only equal treatment and the same attitude. These old bastards know the life, and have no right to beg for help. Summarizing, they should have invested properly when they were young, smart and strong.

The only those who deserve help out there and being persuaded, are youths. They don’t know anything much in this cruel world. They need tips and advices on how to wisely spend their capabilities and strengths so in the end they will not end up miserably just like old generation begging for help and mercy today. Therefore, they need to invest into their own business and future from the beginning. The legacy will be there that later on will work for them back, when there’s no strengths and abilities are left. Thus, those are the hope and future. Young generation is our future, not the washed up history old generation that have done no things for themselves when they could.

The good life is deserved to those who invested into it when they were young and strong. The military patriots, builders and scientists who contributed themselves into the system of a self curing program deserve all the help and commodities. They basically don’t need any help. The working program itself helps them in their needs. Consequently, there is no need in volunteering them.

No need to persuade

With highly populated World nowadays it is not a problem to hire any sorts of employees. Labor becomes cheaper and cheaper from any corner of the world. But human rights should not be wasted at such expense. Something has got to be up with this. And the solution is hidden under the artificial intelligence.

Today we have much more individuals that ever existed in the world. Communism and Islam has become outdated and obsolete form of lifestyles that became history and no longer persuade people to submit. Thankfully, liberty has dominated the world. Nobody has the right to oppress anybody anymore. Results in, everyone can do what they want and will.

Should we convince people to act? Not really. Just make sure they know the rules in case of failure. They must have an information prior to make any actions. The lack of information leads to failure at any practice. Deceived individuals suffer the most. They were misinformed by accident or on purpose. Is it necessary to persuade to action those who are deceived? Not really. They like the way being treated. So, they deserve the treatment they have.

Who deserve such treatment as for persuading for actions? Those who worth it. Those who have invented, built and contributed into the common well-being. You can be assured that your investments will not be thrown away if they were spent wisely. The perfect zones for that, are the peaceful and secure territories with already established infrastructure, production and export for the global demands. In other words, no one out there with the good sense and sane mind will ever invest their funds into the desert that is full of corruption and thievery.

Clear vision makes wonders and helps to outsource those who mean the real deal. Without it, is just a blind pinch of nothing.

Persuade to understand

Committed actions are helpful to let people understand things. They are not necessary. But in order to succeed at something, to persuade people, individuals need to understand simple but common things that allow important strengths to move up and down. For example, who is taking the loans from the World bank to get the decent life and produce valuable goods? Those who are in charge of authority and the government. Despite this, who is bringing back the debts to the same bank?

The people. The working, the middle class, those who are not in charge of the governance. It means, the access to the funds has the government. While, as for paying back, it is all on the public. In this case, the people must have the complete control of the government that is operating with assets and funds of the public that are vital of how the society is going to live. If you get this thing, it is all good. No need to persuade people.

Good life examples

Only through examples humans start moving towards their goals. They must see them and be the wealth driven inside to the core. Good life comes to those who perceived through actions. The wealth comes to those who have committed attempts after attempts prior to get the desirable piece. Alternatively, you don’t give something for granted others that you created. You bust your ass to get what you want. And those who didn’t flinch away, took it like the champs and didn’t give up collect the royalties. Life works this way.

Either you get what you want, or keep dreaming forever. But make sure that the highest legal institutions are protecting your property and rights before you make any movements.

Evidently, you will not end up frustrated. The constitution of The United States of America is a good example. It is that firm foothold where the people can rely on without any worry. All the businesses in the world are moving around it spineless. Nothing else is matter. The truth of life is hiding behind the statement of where you live the best. All the cheap chats that shouting about how it is good to live in a shithole, poorly or unstably are totally bs. Life is not worth if it is not for the prosperity and wellbeing. Nevertheless, idiocrasy has not left many heads so far. They persuade to actions into another direction.


There comes a good replacement for those who do not consider to move a finger in the good sense. The robots. Robots will perform their tasks without any persuasion from the authority above. Just set and forget. As a result, people’s physical labor will be no longer in demand. As a consequence, they have to think wisely beforehand of what is coming up and where to invest the savings more cleverly.

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