Persuasion. Pushing people 2 commit crimes

Persuasion through force

Persuasion is history. People are no longer slaves, unless they are willing to be so. It happens in stupid weak countries. They have establishment, yet cannot follow their own rules. Pathetic. Nevertheless, to persuade people on actions today takes huge dedication, efforts and unity. You have to encourage people to do something to your favour. Well aware people usually don’t react on such offerings. They carefully calculate the outcomes if they are smart.

Today no one needs to use the power of persuasion. By the power I mean to physically push people to do something. That is oppression. Nobody and no one is allowed to do so by excluding peoples’ rights. Though, different countries have different rules. And sometimes they are that mean where the persuasion is not even needed. Such people are doomed to be suffered from their own government. They were all responsible to bring that authority to manage over them. At least, they should not carry their nation identity, so it will not look stupid.

Everything must be simple and easy. To show the clear results is the best tactics. The worst people are the most primitive ones. First they commit crimes with pleasure then they realize of what they have done. And always never regret about it. They are on their way to downfall.

If one is acting roughly and aggressively towards the other from the scratch, he is definitely using the lowest cosmic matter flows in his direction. Obviously, such person wants to take advantage over the others. Surely one will be granted for his attempts, but the cost is high. It is proved by cosmos that person expects, wills, desires to get the best attitude to himself. However, he is the one who makes it happen. Nobody and nothing can persuade him to do better.

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