Population matters 100%. What mentality is strong prevailing?

Tendency of growing population

Population. When I was watching statistics on how the world’s population grows, it surprised me. Just for the latest 10 years, humanity has been increased up to 1 billion people. Which made a total of 7 billion people on Earth. Today this number is close up to 8 to 9. As you can see, the Earth’s population is growing exponentially. Meanwhile, what about the quality of life? Does it meet today’s world’s standards? No. The population grows, but the standards of life are not in priority, which is sad. That is a serious concern over here.

History remembers heroes and memorable individuals that somehow affected this life on Earth. It is important to remember, that there were a very few people in those days that could somehow affect the world with their actions. And only brave and courageous individuals could stand out from the rest and seal their legacy immortal. Attention was on people themselves. The aggressive attitude was praised and welcomed in publics in order to survive and claim more lands of inhabitance. This is how expansion has been gone so far. That population was nothing in comparison with today’s one. Human resources was growing throughout history without any boundaries and concerns.

Today, the picture is completely different. Even the most passive an calm crowds in numbers have a huge impact on Earth. There is nothing left to conquer and grab. People started to fool themselves around, in order to make profits from sales. It means they want to live and spread further despite the morals and good sense. That is the unstoppable natural force of people that lives inside of them and continues to grow exponentially. Such ability does not evaluate or disappear, it just exists and never leaves its inhabitants.

How should people act in terms of communal coexistence

Somewhere people equally redistribute their wealth of a country to people equally so they can have a decent quality of life for themselves. That works for everyone within the country, equally. Other authorities steal the country’s assets without hesitation. Put those royalties to accounts of developed countries, where regulations take place by the laws. And they are not bothered. Third parties consist of no human rights at all, but still those formations exist on the map. And mostly they are poor.

What people forget, is that even the population might be growing, but the borders do not change. The quality of life does not change for better. They need to learn to wisely waste their exponentials. Even though, making a family is a good practice, still it should not be stood separately from the governmental resources support. Family always must rely on the governmental support, to make sure it is grounded to reality of population. Once, they are divided, institutions are no longer functioning, and all talks are meaningless in order for a government to steal the budget. If such people resist to support their economy, they escape from responsibility.

That sort of personal, enclosed business model is harmful for everyone around. Even for another countries. This is the global problem that needs attention from the global society. One thing to remember, that lands and real estate will never lose their cost, and at some point will even rise up with no return. Today, the quality of life is cleverly speculated. However, no one said it cannot be re-established on the disastrous zones. It needs dedication, responsibility, will, motivation. Nobody is going to support aliens’ lands. This is not practical and wise. Trust must be earned.

Inconvenient atmosphere causes immigration of population

However, populations still continue to grow. And when they grow, they do not provide sufficient quality of life for themselves. There must be something wrong with that mentality. It is totally unwise to create poor and disable generations that make others to expand. Let’s say country A has a total and devastating situation. Those inhabitants did nothing to prevent it, or even somehow contributed into it.

Then after, they are escaping from difficult situations. With everything left behind, they decided to run to another B country. It happens. Robbery took it’s place, nearly saved his life and runs away for better existence. And, during the escape, living in a camp tents, having nothing behind his back, with empty pockets, or worse without even pockets, decides out of the blue, to make an offspring. He has been nearly killed from the same congeners and just decided to mate out of nowhere. With appropriate for him situation.

If I am not missing anything, there must be no difference between such beings and animals. Though, even animals behave different. They do not mate when they are hunted. They are wild, savage animals that they think are fighting from extinction, while the real picture of population is completely different. They left their homes without any fights or claims to protect their lands, even though they acknowledged it that there were their country mates. This is disgusting to watch even nowadays. But the proper treatment will not wait long for them.

For the sake of high standards, shouldn’t they learn to examine things ahead, prior any actions? They should. However, dominating instincts do not let brain work properly. That is the first thing to admit. Since, they cannot control themselves, they should accept the right treatment accordingly. Audiobooks, schools, manners, the new sight on civilization as it is. And strict obedience to the rules. All at their expense. Money changes attitude and everything. Once, a person gets broke he becomes smarter and wiser. This is how survival skills work.

Everything becomes expensive, except people. Human factor is playing inconsiderable role today. Inanimate objects don’t go anywhere, they don’t disappear or multiply. They just stay where they are within the planet and go from one hands to another. Humans spread and multiply without boundaries. That is the big difference. We are not saying it is bad or good. We are stressing that if nothing will change ever since, resources may not be enough to support such tendency within the borders and planet itself. If they won’t, it will be a catastrophe for everybody.

Expand furthermore

Ability to spread for humans is the strongest quality of mankind. And that ability must be used to favour global needs. However, it must be made in a clever way, though. Actual and true examples in this very life show what certain species can achieve through their abilities or can’t. If the balance between nature and humans will be wisely set on this planet without any harms and damages, then it means humans will be able set another population on the other planets. If somehow, they will not be able to, then there will be a dead end disaster for everyone anyway, despite all the attempts and achievements that have been put to prevent this.

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