Poverty and its cause. Avoiding 1’s fate

Previous karma to present poverty

Poverty is not good, and never was. That’s a punishment in the form of karma, or if you like reward to you by Cosmos according to ones will, actions and sights. How come a poor man can have respect to oneself and be happy? That’s nonsense. If one soul was born in poor conditions, it means one deserved to be there. If he’s not agreed to maintain the conditions he’d brought up to, then the mans will is what can help him out.

Actions that strictly routed towards the goals to change the environment might help. Changing one’s fate means having interactions with opposite people, opposite sights on life, and different performances. Performances that should be based on productivity. Every single action that reminds you productivity of an entrepreneur.

Because, only entrepreneurs know how to be and maintain rich. Therefore, it is essential to follow them, in case a man affected by poverty wants to succeed and change his routine. There are the principles of a poor man and principles of rich man that totally counterfeit. Never disappoint those who you want to follow. Because cosmos leaves you in the certain conditions and direct with your principles. And put you there where you deserve to be.

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