Precision helps to make our 1 life world easier

Precision defines people

Precision helps people easily to get along with others. There are certain kinds of people who might seem to be annoying or even aggressive from the first sight. Do not overestimate such people, they just want to clarify things acknowledged, before the ShowTime begins. How precision helps us? Pay attention to small insignificant details because they form the overall picture. Precision helps you to focus on something much important than just worthless sight.

The powerhouse of everything will always be the magnet of all. This is regarded of the high standards economy, good healthcare, perfect infrastructure and all that kind of stuff. All the moneys, wealth, stocks are in there. Any talks about loyalty to the opposite conditions, or how hard they love their home country and being patriotic are pure lies. The cheap wastelands are not worth a damn dime spent for.

Because the overall institution of that formation has not made enough efforts to protect their beginnings, when it was needed. But now, they all play the frigging patriots among each other, to get closer of what they want. How hypocritical is that! Phenomenal. It is a matter of conditions and time how fast people will get there. Make sure to witness such people beforehand, so you will not get frustrated. And precision helps you with that.

Spoilers that make you blind folded

How to be more precise

Precision is lost under the drugs and alcohol. Alcohol is something that has been used as a stress reliever to forget for a while about problems and get relaxed.

It has some positive effects, though. Emotionally, under the alcohol we tend to forget about the issues that seemed to be that unresolvable and difficult and we lose our precision. But something has got be mentioned about that spoils not only our attention and focus, but inner organs.

If you want to lose your attention, get drunk. Apart from the dizziness in the brain that is being caused by the flow of blood, alcohol destroys your liver. It literally chemically replaces liver’s cells into the alcohol’s ones. Not only it destroys the liver, your inner organs such as pancreas and stomach get damaged, identically. Esophagus loses its vital gastric juice, which eventually makes it problematic for food being passed and absorbed, later on.

With such practice, there comes a dangerous addiction. Period after period, time after time, a person addicted to alcohol cannot get rid of such a harmful habit. Eventually, when he feels that he can no longer reproduce the cells of a liver back to the initial condition, he clearly knows that his days are numbered.

Drugs is something that will try to forcibly put you into the 5th plane to make you feel satisfied. Brain, under the drugs effects unnaturally opens up that plane which makes you feel happy. But only just. Once, that effect is blown away, a person starts to feel necessity of being put back. He comes back to get the same feelings using drugs. And again such condition is temporal. Here you have an addicted customer, that will never come back to his natural statement. Even though, drugs can temporarily put you in that plane by severely hurting your life, it is still possible to achieve such level naturally, by abstention from such artificial enforcements drugs and alcohol.

In this case, you save your life, but do not lose your consciousness and precision at the same time. Such spoilers as drugs and alcohol will not have you ended up well. To forget unwilling things, you don’t have to fool yourself around with such treatment. You have to resolve the issues in the first place, make them completed, once and for a lifetime that made you take an alcohol and drugs. Even in such case you will need precision.

By taking alcohol and drugs, you postpone your troubles to be resolved. But there it will be much difficult to make. As we know, troubles being gained without the process of resolving them on time. Because, precision is there for a reason.

Natural purpose

Precision helps you to improve your life. It literally put you where you belong, shows you the exact errors and mistakes that need to be resolved. Only with precision you can solve the problems. When you can witness and see the trouble, you can immediately exterminate such problem sooner enough. And we know, the sooner you solve your issues that are still easy to handle, the better. Unresolved questions even from the past lives deliver karma, that one or the other way will be acknowledged.

Evolution has put people through to have precision. If you look at civilization scale, you can hardly witness any demotion downgrading tendencies. Even the Backward countries never hesitate to use innovations and technologies. It is a background natural purpose of people to have precision and move forward. Even if you want to close your eyes on some details and things, you will still be looking for solutions of another problems that requires precision. Problems to solve are everywhere no matter how hard you try to hide, and people see them everyday. But precision helps to solve them. It is a significant part of intelligence. Without intelligence there is no civilization.

Precision in demand

Precisely accurate people are always in demand. There is no way someone will try to hire stupid and blindfolded people that have no clue of what they are doing. Investments are not worth being spent on something that is not worthy. Precision is a life saviour and an important part of every human being to move forward. Without Precision it would be impossible to build science, provide education and make positive commitments. With precision robots in the future will be performing complicated surgeries on people.

Even in the far outer space working field, it’s impossible to handle without precision. Companies and governments that care of own growth don’t need to have stupid personnel and out of the mind bullies. Thieves and scammers never end up good. They take the loans, they pay out the debts, by hiring young and naive generation. The enclosed circle. Wise and clever people with precision are always in demand.

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