Prevent energy leakage 4ever

Energy leakage. If something happens emotionally in family, it will get recovered. One has just to be able to predict it when, how often (in what frequency) it happens. So do people act everywhere, with the exception of seekers. When they get angry or tired with something, it is a matter of a certain place and time to recover and get back. With energy leakage they nourish their essence. Parasites some part of the nature, but they tend to have some percentage in public. Nothing more.

Parasites cannot develop due to their nature. They can be explored with what frequency they perform.

If one is able enough to predict such frequency, he is one step ahead of others. No matter how dramatic situation might be, all emotions will fall down and afterwards there will be strict and normal reactions. Reactions of the objects to particular ongoing events. That is how resources are used wisely. Everything has it’s time. Resources to one’s favour. Calculations ahead. Summarizing behaviour and turning it to one’s needs.

Prevent energy leakage

Everything happens at one particular time. A human being has its’ own habits that are hardly tend to change, just like an animal’s. Emotions is another form of self expression. Being able to predict it, and if necessary to prevent it is a good ability. Because emotional riot is the same energy that is leaked from unconscious donator. This is how you get energy leakage.

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