Rights. What’s the price to pay for 1 knowledge?

Main priorities. Knowledge or the rights?

When I studied at Bachelor’s degree in University, it was a big pleasure for me to write down my first dissertation. My professor, told me that everything there must be consequently build by priorities. Like first goes the aim of dissertation, then applies tasks. One by one you write down all the stuff that you had done before and try to state it. At the end of it go conclusions. I tried to continue on Master’s degree. But, there was the one thing that interfered me. In all CIS states there are a common thing with working principals, teachers and tutors.

Corruption. And no rights to protect oneself against it. Communism made it’s evil deal. All of those co-workers try to do everything and anything to be unique in the eyes of administration. That is they were trying to get the job from authorities, not from the lawmakers. Beggars. In fact, there are no laws are working whatsoever. The Central Asia, the Kazakhstan. The most corrupted place on Earth. I would never recommend anyone to ever visit such nasty and retarded place. You will witness complete ruined place abandoned by fools who are gutless to claim their rights.

Not a single local human rights activist ever blamed the authorities. Pathetic scumbags tried to play developed country in the eyes of the global community. Total losers. I wish they will feel the full beauty of the Western sanction that will put an end to such a miserable and pathetic formation.

First rights, then knowledge

Such “co-workers” try to be special in the eyes of authorities, having relations with the governance, to be regarded as something important. Above all, to keep the working place by them, despite the huge factor, that the true science found it’s stagnation in the matter of a developing country. There is simply no development. The funds are going into the pockets of the government. Anyway, I faced one of those ‘tutors’ on my academia way. He was supposed to help me with studying at my Master’s degree. I needed all necessary information to successfully finish off my degree.

So, on my way he intentionally misled me with totally wrong information, but most importantly which pissed me off, he told me that I should have cheated and should have taken some other’s copy of dissertation in order to finish the program. I faced disappointment at that moment. I quit my Master’s studies right after in such place. It was against my nature to steal things. Being a cheater is not about me. So I quit. However, at that moment I didn’t actually know my rights as a student. So I could literally claim the compensation for what I paid.

The rights that never existed in such place will never teach those people to really feel the life, as it supposed to be. They are destined to suffer. And the whole world must see, how pathetic their government performs and tying to make some efforts in the global market arena. No excuses or sorrow for such people. They must experience such kind of treatment by their own government. What kind of a government is that if it is operated by only one dictator, that never concerned about people’s lives.

Price for the rights

Thereafter, I was totally upset that I couldn’t finish off my studies at Master’s degree. For all that, I can understand what had happened. Human rights are based on the experience one society has. If that group was not ready to face the challenge, then they are not mature enough to protect its’ rights that never come up from nothing. The rights must be earned. It doesn’t matter what the price must be paid. But, one day it must be.

How much you pay for knowledge

Nothing. It is priceless.

Rights must not be protected every time someone violates them. They must be vigorously followed by the same public that violate them. And the farther we go, the more we get into it. Sanity never leaves the people. It is a one dimensional movement. Nobody wants to hurt oneself. Once you get through this, you can gain the knowledge. Pushing people to commit crimes is no longer working. Realizing to commit a crime acknowledges you to accept the same fate and treatment approaching from another specie. Laws of karma.

Karma is such a powerful thing that cannot be disregarded by the public. It is a conscious wake up call that keep people woke of what they are doing. Because, through the actions they directly affecting their essence. Once, people get used to their actions, it is very difficult to turn around. Actions become the part of performers, that can’t live without them. In this case, bringing up process is very important. Only well aware parents are known of their rights for being good mentors. Rights are coming along with knowledge.


Severe examples teach you how to handle common issues. You pay for knowledge with your time, efforts, money, maybe even with your health. You getting beat up, you are tired and you get up again to continue. This is how the winners are done. But the knowledge never leaves you, in return no matter what. That is the beauty of it. You gain this knowledge with your resources up to the point when you share that knowledge to your favour. It works back at you. Knowledge never loses it’s price. Moreover, it gains values as the time goes by. Knowledge will always be in demand. Because, it helps to improve our lives as human beings.

Evolution helps us to spread ourselves up to the outer space. Dark ages will be gone forever, no matter how hard some authorities try to bring them back and destroy civilization. It’s not going to happen 100%. Knowledge helps us feel satisfied. As the highest forms of life on planet we can feel it better than anyone else. The simple processes of comprehension create the new planes of understanding. It is very important today.

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