Hair. Get them glamorous! 20 inches long

Outstanding receiver for primary matters. Hair

Body as a receiver

How do you like your hair? There is going to be a time when investments will be profound on human resources. Today everybody knows almost everything in the matter of couple clicks. Attention is affixed on unusual ideas. Meanwhile, those who have non-standard approach on making decision are in demand. Where as, almost all people are same in their decisions, views, habits. For example, everyone can think out and use their brain.

Nothing is special. All people have same structure of body type with couple legs and arms, same brain that have ability to work things out. Equally important, all people receive same energy from sun, stars and cosmos. So what does make a person different from others? Talent? Skills? Perhaps. Being that, we need to rely on facts that work.

Extended hair

The fact is, every single creature receives the same amount of primary matters flow out of space. To point out, we have to pay particular attention on a receiver that passes the matters through itself. In our case it is a human body. Nonetheless, the most developed part of the human body is brain. It means through the brain, primary matters flow excessively in and outside. Even so, what does receive better signals we might catch and grind? Exactly. Hair. The hair, that naturally grow out of your head.

Indeed, this participle of the human physical body brings us intuition, third eye vision, common understanding, sort of predictions and everything else that a bald person would hardly see. The longer your beauty extensions dangle down, the surprisingly better comes overall understanding to you on how everything works.

Above all the hair are beautiful part of the body. Nothing can beat your hair.

Antennas to get cautious

As it has been mentioned before, everything comes from cosmos, and your hair is your natural antenna. Now let’s see why in military service, people get ‘shortcut’. It is pretty obvious. Army commanders and authorities do not want their servants to be ‘smart enough’ to think off by themselves. As a result, to make them execute orders. Take it to analyze even modern stylish hairstyles might not be practical. It is always up to a person how he wants to look.

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