Principles always win. Not the compromises 4 us

Life makes people declare their interests by the form of presented and signed papers.

How to have principles

Presented straightforward facts and principles make the life easier for both sides of collaboration. Well informed individuals and parties, prior any deals are safe out from the unexpected obligations and surprises.

This is how the good and strong companies are established. Their fully functioning reputations speaks out for themselves. The good and stable economies magnify more investments, and as a result create positive tendencies to have the firm principles that are pleasantly met and respected initially. Those are the only who proved themselves and you want to deal with.

After any type of brawl and confrontation there comes a peace and agreement. But that peace must be under certain conditions implied. And that is where the principles take over the situation. Those who return after a quarrel, go on a compromise in order to get what they need. And there, in the course are going your proposals and conditions. They may be tactically complicated, but they must be executed under the agreed implementations.

The power of principles

Principles contain that firm significance of idea that keeps people driven forward. The overall satisfied goal which is hidden behind the principles is bringing legitimacy and affirmation to the rest. And those are definitely the democratic principles. The power of taxes, the freedom of speech, accessible healthcare and all those are in help to push forward such principles.

Principles of always forwarding questions

To put everything under questions is the best way to move ahead. Perfection is the mother of inventions. Transparency and accessibility takes it to another level and let it had experienced on one’s own unique way. Literally, everything must be under questioning. The truth cannot be shut down or outspoken by something else. One or the other way, it will burst out loud. The longer you keep it quiet, the harder it will cry out. For this reason, in order to find compromise everything must be on the table from the beginning, plans, intentions, views, opinions.

Compromises lead to delay of solving the problems

The most important issues that were postponed, were hidden behind the bars and have had markings of inaccessibility are the worst. They can even be hidden for a very long time, but will be exposed anyway. Faith can be justified under the knowledge. In addition, knowledge is brought up by facts. Facts cannot be disputed by any means. Compromises are built upon the equal and mutual respect of accepting the public freedom and rights. If some party do not comply with that, it’s all fraud. No matter how beautifully they will try to hide the truth from the public, it will be exposed.

Everything must be clear from the beginning. And most importantly, documented and signed on the paper. It’s considers all sorts of compromises between all kinds of people. Whether it is a family, friends, nations or just regular people relations. Certainly, all parties must deal with liberation principles of mutual respect and recognition.

Principles must be pure and clean. For instance, the principles of equal rights and fair trade. The principles of private property and free healthcare. It all must have been discussed and agreed between the parties. Delaying such vital problems will bring even more problems and even may cost the existence. If something that has been disappeared is not worth been existing at all.

What makes people angry

The wasted time. The inability to feel safe and be free. Something that is restricting them from their freedom. When somebody betrays you and by not making promises. When there is something restraining you from your full capabilities and self-expressions is what must be under questioning. That restriction is deadly harmful for an individual. Is harmful for the freedom.

Principles are built up during experience and under psychological conditioning. People change their views at all times. And that is normal. Because the public becomes way simpler. What is not normal, when they violate their agreements that had been declared on the paper before. Such formations must have been punished by sanctions, economic restrictions and political publication. Every human being must know what’s going on.

The public absence of the free will, desire to live better and overall improvements creates the corruptive mechanisms of that very state. Too many temptations from the same group that has lost credibility and is thinking that the whole world belongs to them, just because they have a lot of territorial resources, hoping that everything will be for granted, funds for the future possible investments, and so on. But that’s not working anymore.

Not everything is for sale

Principles cannot be sold out. If they can under the compromises of being sold, they become cheap, and the most vicious will take the lead above the rest. This would be the end of story, and everyone would be doomed. However, people are still alive. And the good principles work. It means not everything can be sold out under the monetary compromises. Those are the good principles. And they truly create the positive, firm and the most reliable zones that everyone around want to work with. Those stocks indeed, in the future will cost highly for a good reason.

Because of their stable, incorruptible principles of only working with reliable and honest partners. Once, you sell yourself to the powerful, everyone ever since will take advantage of you. If everyone will take advantage of you, take it as a rule you just disappear through the history and remembered as a weakling that could be easily taken over by absolutely anyone. Such is the price of losing identity and principles. That is called dignity that has been at stake. And it was not even worth fighting and existing for your rights and freedoms.

Qualified labor

Once you lose your principles of never being corrupted, every sphere of human life loses its quality and meanings. Labor simply becomes cheaper, since there is not enough support, and everyone can pay for it. The quality of labor disappears. And the meaning of life is under question ever since. This is how the lands lose their inhabitant capabilities. Nobody is going to invest there. But absolutely all sorts of species are taking advantage over it.

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