Protected by constitution. 4 the people

Be protected by constitution

One should always be acknowledged of being protected by constitution, property of his own rights and responsibilities.

If a new boss could not get any advantage from you, one way or the other from the first sight, he will try to get rid of you as soon as possible. The only thing that prevents him to do so is the constitution that is protecting an employer. Constitution that protects its own citizens, where everybody is contributing shares.

There is even a certain day of April 15th period of the US where everybody is obligated to fill and send out the tax income forms for federal and state government. This is meant to calculate spending of a taxpayer that receives salary on a monthly basis while doing a particular job, and he contributes his royalties to society in the form of commodities, social security, healthcare, etc. It is important to understand how things work. Every single tax of a dime spent in the shop, like in the North America it is 13%, goes to that very social group.

A joke instead of constitution

And the constitution is protecting that workflow. If somehow the common budget is not protected by constitution, that very public group is doomed to suffer decades ahead. That is happening where people are not respected and counted as human beings. There is no such thing existing as state borders to protect its own people. Every single alien creature from the outside zone, near located world can take advantage of such state without a punishment. I can only feel sorry for them, since they are not protected. It often happens with poor countries with no interest to invest into own economy. Contrarily in other places, people are protected by constitution.

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