Proven views. And ability 2 justify them

Have a strong views

How do opinions and views getting formed? On the matter of a sight. How far and aware they are capable to look across? By acknowledging things, comprehending them. By capability of structuring and composing complete statements and forming final structures they can see of what has happening with them. If statements had been composed right, they make the right understandings. If not, they are hard to re-build their views.

Never bother yourself to argue with silly people. Just walk away and try to focus on something else. By convincing them, either way, you are wasting your time, and you will not encourage them to change their objectives. Life is just putting them in the right direction, so later they can learn things by own mistakes.Everybody has the right to have an opinion. As long as one can prove it, there is no problem. But, when one cannot, he must be able to change his views.

Stay strong on your theory if you know you are right. Do not fight to prove it, unless your life is dependant on it. Never argue with stupid people. As it has been mentioned,they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience. So it’s not worth risking.

Its difficult to change sights, but views must be stable, proven and have a solid background to have opportunity being approved. Otherwise, they will look silly. Views are based on experience, knowledge and rumours. But they are always stuck to the natural outer space statement. The cosmic flow of matters may significantly change opinions of people.

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