Quality of service. Which way 1 going?

Quality of service. No to communism

Quality of service is growing by day. People pay to get something in return. Those funds let the object to maintain and live. The cost of producing such values though, vary from place. Different places have different values. Only time and money will teach them how to be wiser.

By comparing two different poles is enough to make a conclusion. Let’s look at two of the most military strong empires once on planet of the past century. The United States and Soviet Union (nowadays Russia). The difference between them is huge, plain and simple. One has made decent quite reasonable and equal efforts economically to build society, where people can feel themselves as people. Where constitution is followed and praised.

So tried the other one. They were trying to make things free, while at the same time being blockaded from the rest of the world. But world do not work this way. Such an attempt costs them their existence. Communist regime was a complete evil. One is saying how things are, the other tries to justify why it is hatred from outside world. Is there anymore evidence needed to say who is who. One has build perfect infrastructure for its own people, the other one is looking for justifications on their actions and looking for enemies to prove its wasted. Nevertheless, do not hesitate to use the common commodities, technologies, healthcare, etc.

Everyone of them provide the service. The global service. The quality of delivered service. That quality of service is one dimensional. There is a payee and a payer. One was rich, the other gets richer. Everyone is involved in the supportive environment. Eventually it will become the leading part of a global economy. However, the soviet society one way or the other will pay the same bill and will start over again to learn the committed mistakes. But the quality of service do not just stand on one place.

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