Respect is everything. Paid 1 at the beginning, or never

People want to be recognized
Respect is not given for free

To deal with somebody they have to respect you first on your terms. If someone doesn’t respect you from the first sight, don’t waste your time thereafter. There is not going to be a different attitude neither in 100 years. You belong to another place! Its just a different league. Negative person will stay negative. Dealing with each other is some dues we pay by contributing dignity. Those who are not worth dealing with, do not need your sight. There is no dealing with disrespectful people.

People are angry on something that is shameful for them. Shame comes up when they had been exposed. Some of them are looking for justice, since someone has screwed them over. Either way such people are looking for revenge, somebody else to blame up, or they don’t respect themselves in the first place. There is no deal with them. Don’t waste your time. There are billions of people of all kinds. You can definitely find your peace among beloved ones.

Such attitude is shown from the beginning, or never at all. If you will try to earn some sympathy from the other party dealing with all discomfort and humiliation that had been brought, you are delusional. Relations are being built from the beginning.

Respect goes from the ideology

There are societies still exist today that have personal approach on such issues. I’s all about the ideology behind their intentions. Slaves and communists don’t have good intentions behind their bar, since they are driven with fear of being punished from authorities and administration above, they don’t have respect even for themselves at all. And they have an ideology of slavery spreading through generations. There is no such thing as respect among them. The least protected and physically weak people in such societies are always the object of humiliation, abuse and oppression.

Nobody is taking care of them. It is such a mean and shameful atmosphere over there, indeed. Those poor people are doomed to take the hit from the majority of the public. It is like a special class of the scapegoats, that will appreciate disdain. Hence, if you try to show yourself up as a victim there, it will end up badly. It is widely spread in their public to not respect such individuals. If one was born with disabilities, it is their destiny to suffer from the rest. This is their logic. Such an ideology has been growing since ancient times, if not earlier.

Respect is hardly earned

Even if you bust your soul to be recognized among the public, there is no guarantee of success. The background, history and actions define of who we are, our significance, and what we are capable of in the eyes of a public. It is hard to convince people to trust us if we had a bad reputation. Good relations are built upon the good reputation. Actions speak louder than words.

How to be respectful

Respect goes from the common values. And it goes from the heart. It just resonates with the most and responds to the good sense.

Not everyone deserves to be respected, though. But those who don’t appreciate it, end up badly. Those who don’t have morals are never respected. They end up in the miserable existence and are discarded by the majority. For example, the category of people that are called ‘rats’, are never respected. Simply, because they cannot be trusted. Such people are common among the Slavic nations. Like Russians.

These people have never had moral values in life. Hence, they are hated for a very good reason. In XXI century the world community will suffer tremendously, if these formations of the Neo-fascism will not be fenced up by themselves with the Iron curtain again. If there is an inch of respect, people of the free world will admit the past mistakes committed behind and will acknowledge the dangerous situation we are facing today, by letting them trade with us.

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