Right or wrong rules 2 be examined

People are right or wrong

There are the right or wrong. The more you let yourself being right, the better positions in society you get. Respectively, the more you let yourself being wrong, the worse positions you will get. Do not be a sheep. If you know you are right let others hear that. It might be a simple conversation, a business meeting or transaction. There is not and cannot be such thing as to start a new life over.

Those who say that, don’t have a clue what they talking about, or want probably to get rid of the contenders they somehow influenced to. If you don’t want to say things in one particular group and be interacted there, do not put yourself in such conditions, where unusual silence will put the rest in an uncomfortable position, which consequently will make you wrong.

The wrongs are always punished by society and Cosmos, because they were not being able enough to prove their mind at one particular moment. So, either you state your mind or do not put yourself in position where you will stay silent or say wrong things. Then you will not be mistakenly get wrong. There are always will be right or wrong.

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