Russian(s) and their background. 43 Famous quotes

The core of communism

Slaves deserve to have more slavery if they are not willing to break free. This is what Russians and nearby formations are all about. They deserve to experience agony. They love to have a one indisputable leader chairman of the board. He will persecute every attempts to speak up the opposite and make things work better for himself. History has witnessed many examples. Just like they had Stalin with it’s Gulag. The most vicious tyrant. The butcher that world has ever seen. They love to march like some hordes of submissive and unwilling egomaniacs. They never question what authorities has been proposed them.

And it is legit. Communists and Russians are born to suffer by their miserable obsolete views. That is no longer of importance to the world. Hence, the world must put of fence against them.

Inveterate communists say that the act of exchange for the marketing purposes is evil, and that everything must be free and accessible, in exchange of nothing of course. They are bums and beggars for a lifetime.

That is why these backward beings will occupy a special place in history as the most unfortunate and pragmatic losers ever in the world. They have never learned the simple truthful things on how to live and be happy. Such formations are meant to be beggars for life. In their practice, there had never shared things. They just steal, rob and escape. Lifetime rats they are, indeed.

The disaster of XXI century

The worst thing that happens today is they are spreading around the world like a plague. Their language must be banned everywhere it is heard and possible. Whenever they hear their sounds they simply imply their slave attitude towards the other nations in the manner of an insult. And don’t flick around of what has gone wrong. That can be considered as an act of terrorism.

Whenever they immigrate, they refuse to quit their communist nature and identity. All that garbage is being imported to the already well established places to be implied in and finally accomplish its destructive goals. Even they might not realize how disastrous they are, the aftereffect of their actions speak up louder than the words. You can witness what ‘their’ famous, lovely lands have become into. Complete disaster.

Famous quotes

The history remembers a lot of examples of how the most respected public persons in the world responded and treated Russians back in a day. The composer and musician Mikhail Glinka has been also remembered by his remarkable quotes regarding the Russia. When he finally decided to leave that filthy state on April 27, 1856, while crossing the border in Germany, he took all his belongings and clothes off. Fully naked at that border, spat on the ground and said: ‘May God never again I see this vile country and its people!’.


From this source you can find more taken quotes that perfectly describe why it is so true. Described by Russians themselves. Translated by Google translate. Check them out:

‘Muscovy – the Russia of the taiga, Mongolic, wild, bestial.’ – Alexey Tolstoy;

‘They are not people, they are boors, villains, wild hordes of murderers and miscreants.’ – Mikhail Bulgakov;

‘The most important trait of the Russian people is their sadistic brutality.’ – Maxim Gorky;

‘A Russian is the greatest and the cheekiest of all liars in the world.) – Ivan Turgenev;

‘The people who wander around Europe and are looking for something that can be destroyed, destroyed only for the sake of entertainment.’ (Only for the sake of gratification.) – Fyodor Dostoevsky;


‘Russians are the people who hate the will, deify slavery, love the shackles on their arms and legs, love their bloody despots, do not feel any beauty, are physically and morally dirty, have lived in darkness, obscurantism for centuries, and did not move a finger towards something human, but always ready to do nothing, to oppress everyone and the whole world. This is not the people, but the historical curse of humanity’- I.S. Shmelev;

‘Oh, how hard it is, how unbearably hard sometimes to live in Russia, in this smelly environment of filth, vulgarity, lies, deceits, abuses, good small bastards, hospitals, bribe takers, hospitable rascals – fathers and bribe takers!’ – Ivan Aksakov, from a letter to his relatives;

‘I must express my sad look at the Russian man – he has such a weak brain system that he is not able to perceive reality as such. For him, there are only words. His conditioned reflexes are coordinated not with actions, but with words.’ – Academician Pavlov. About the Russian mind. 1932;

‘People are indifferent to the lowest duty, to the least justice, to the least truth, a people that does not recognize human dignity, that they fully recognize neither a free man, nor free thought.’ – Alexander Pushkin;

‘Russia is the foulest and vile country in the whole world history. By the method of selection there they have brought out monstrous moral monsters, in whom the very concept of Good and Evil has been turned inside out. Throughout its history, this nation flounders in shit and at the same time wants to drown the whole world in it … “- I.A. Il’in (1882-1954), Russian philosopher;

‘Not the people, but a hellish freak.’ – V.Rozanov – Russians’ philosopher, publicist and critic.

‘The Russian people are in a very sad state: they are sick, ravaged, demoralized.’ ‘And here we learn that he, in the face of a significant part of his intelligentsia, although he cannot be considered formally insane, is obsessed with false ideas bordering on delusions of grandeur and delusions of hostility towards each and everyone. Indifferent to his real benefits and actual harm, he imagines nonexistent dangers and bases on them the most ridiculous assumptions. It seems to him that all his neighbours offend him, do not bow enough to his greatness, and in every way are against him … – Philosopher Vladimir Soloviev;

‘God is hungry, God is cold. Beggars up and down. God of non-profit estates. Here it is, here it is, the Russian god. God of breasts and women … hanging. God of bast shoes and plump legs. Bitter faces and cream sour. Here it is, here it is, the Russian god.’ – P.A. Vyazemsky;

‘The main feature of the Russian national character is cruelty, and that is sadistic cruelty. I am not talking about individual explosions of cruelty. But about the psyche, about the soul of the people. I looked through the archive of one court for 1901-1910. and I was terrified by the tremendous amount of incredibly cruel treatment of people. In general, in Russia everybody hits someone with pleasure.’

‘And the people consider the beats to be useful, since they made up the saying ‘they give two unbeaten for the beaten.’ For 1917-1919 the peasants buried the captive Red Guards upside down so deeply, that their feet stuck out of the ground. Then they laughed, like those legs twitching. Or high up on a tree they nailed one hand and one leg and enjoyed the torment of the victim. The Red Guards also ripped off the skin of living prisoners of counter-revolutionaries. Hammered nails in the head, cut the skin on their shoulders, as officer shoulder straps. “- Maxim Gorky. About the Russian peasantry (1922);

‘If Russia had failed, there would have been no loss or excitement in humanity.’ – Ivan Turgenev;

‘There is no smaller, bastard and boorish individual in this world than a katsap. Born in a Nazi country, fed by Nazi propaganda, this bastard will never become a Man. His country has no friends – either lackeys or enemies. His country can only threaten humiliate and kill. And for maintaining this status, the ordinary Katsap is ready to sacrifice their own lives, the lives of their parents and children, and the quality of life of their own people. Rather, Katsaps are beasts. Cruel, bloodthirsty, but … mortal.’ – A. Solzhenitsyn;


‘In Russia there are no average talents, simple masters, but there are single geniuses and millions of good-for-nothing people. Geniuses can do nothing. Because they have no apprentices, and with millions nothing can be done, because they have no masters. The former is useless because they are too few; the latter are helpless because there are too many of them.’ – Vasily Klyuchevsky;

‘The Russian commoner ‘the Orthodox’ is serving his faith as a church service imposed on him for the salvation of someone’s soul, not his own. Which he has not learned to save, nor does he want. No matter how you pray, you will get all the devils. This is all his theology.’ ‘Same author;

‘You can revere before people who believed in Russia, but not the subject of their beliefs.”Same author;

‘The Russian government, as the reverse providence, does not suit the future for the better, but for the past.’ – Alexander Herzen;

‘Russian History before Peter the Great – one memorial service, and after Peter the Great – one criminal case.’ – F. Tyutchev;

‘To lie to the Russian that to blow one’s nose. Their lies come from their slavish essence. The people who never knew and did not speak the truth are the people of spiritual and physical slaves. Poor people.’ – N.M. Karamzin;

‘Russian man is a big pig. If you ask why he does not eat meat and fish, then he is justified by the lack of supply, means of communication, etc., and vodka, meanwhile, is even in the most remote villages and in numbers, whatever.’

‘A Russian person strives to crack ham just when there are trichinas in it, and to go across the river when ice is cracking on it.’

‘Nature has invested in the Russian person an extraordinary ability to believe, to test the mind and the gift of thinking. But all this is broken into dust about carelessness, laziness and dreamy frivolity …’

‘The Russian man likes to remember, but does not like to live.’

‘Russian man lacks the desire to desire.’ – A.P. Chehov;

‘All Russia is a country of some greedy and lazy people: they eat a lot, drink, like to sleep during the day and snore in their sleep. They marry for order in the house, and give birth to mistresses for prestige in society. Their psychology is doggy: they beat them – they quietly squeal and hide in their kennels, caress them – they lie on their backs, legs up and wag their tails …’- Anton Pavlovich Chekhov talking to Maxim Gorky;

‘In our national character, servility and servility, servility and bloodthirstiness, fanaticism and drunkenness prevail.’ – Metropolitan Hilarion;

‘National self-consciousness ‘ national complacency ‘ national self-adoration ‘ national self-destruction.’

‘Russians are not even capable of having mind and conscience, but always had one meanness.’ – V. Soloviev;

‘Russian man knows how to be holy, but he cannot be honest.’ – Konstantin Leontyev, Russian philosopher (1831 – 1891);

‘We, Muscovites, spoiled Kyrgyz, Chemeris, Buryats and others. We robbed Armenia and Georgia, even banned divine services in Georgian, robbed the richest Ukraine. In Europe, we gave the anarchists P. Kropotkin, M. Bunin, the apostles the ruins and the butchery of Shigalyov, Nechaev, Lenin, etc. Moral dirt, Muscovy is a monster that even hell would have disdained and spewed to the ground.’ – V. Rozanov, Russian philosopher (1856-1919);

‘Among the Russian few smart. If you find a suitable person, you are sure to be either a Jew, or with an admixture of Jewish blood …’ – V.I. Lenin, the most revered political figure in Russia (1870 – 1924);

‘A miserable nation, a nation of slaves, from top to bottom – all slaves.’ – N. Chernyshevsky;

‘I don’t want to know a star-like parody of people, and I consider it a great misfortune for me that I was born in Russia. After all, all of Europe looks at Russia, almost like a cannibal. I felt shame more than once that I belong to a wild nation. ‘ – V.M. Botkin, during a dispute with Nekrasov. Avdotya Panaeva. “Memories”;

‘The Russian people live too much in national-elemental collectivism, and the consciousness of the individual, its dignity and its rights has not yet become stronger in it. This explains the fact that Russian statehood was so imbued with non-Germania and often seemed alien domination.’ – Nikolai Alexandrovich Berdyaev;


‘Russia does not contain a single healthy and valuable grain. Russia itself – no, it’s only seems. This is a terrible phantom, a terrible nightmare that crushes the soul of all enlightened people. From this nightmare we run abroad, we emigrate; leave yourself in Russia, be sure that this phantom will not be soon; and this will happen in Eastern Europe. Folk is only the ‘environment’, ‘material’, ‘substance’ for the adoption of a single and universal and definitive truth. As ‘collectively referred to’ as “European civilization.” No ‘Russian civilization’, no ‘Russian culture’. – V.V. Rozanov;

‘There was nothing good, nothing worthy of respect or imitation in Russia. Everywhere and there have always been illiteracy, unrighteousness, robbery, sedition, personality, oppression, poverty, disorder, non-enlightenment and debauchery. Views will not remain in any epoch of life.’ – A. Khomyakov;

“We are a cruel beast, in our veins there is still dark and evil slave blood – the poisonous legacy of the Tatar and serf yoke.” There is something subtle, exquisite in it … We can assume that this may affect the reading of the lives of the holy great martyrs … Who is crueller: white or red? Probably the same, because both of them are Russians.” – M. Gorky, ‘proletarian’ writer (1868 – 1936);

‘There was no! No need to look for any national idea for Russia. Life with a national idea is given in the end, and then there is a need for another people and another religion. Intolerance is necessarily reduced to terror. Because a single ideology, sooner or later, should lead Russia to fascism.’ – Academician D. S. Likhachev.

That was it. Think about it, when you hire them into your enterprise, or having a business with. When you turn your back to a Russian he will stab you in there. When you treat him equally he will spit you in the face. When you try to help him, he will betray you in return. And don’t you ever speak their language, they will consider you weak. That means they will spill all the mud on you they had experienced. And that will make them happy bit. What a “nice” share isn’t it? To stay away from them is a good sense.

The background

All they do is full of hatred and destruction. No matter how many times you try to teach them or share examples, useless. It is their background of being submissive and live in slavery. The worst of all, they try to drag the others down to pains. The quality of life is a pure example of what people worth for. Throughout the history, their lands never experienced decent quality of life and existence. Wonder why? It’s plain and simple. Thousands of years are doomed to be suffered there.

As it has been mentioned, they love to live in disaster. And they try to drag the entire world in it. They basically do not have any background or a heritage to be proud of. People laws’ do not imply in there. All they practice is destruction. They think that the entire world performs like that and should take some notes from them. What a nonsense. They do not have any laws, and even social healthcare and all the stuff to be proud of. The elderly of Russian is pure example of how that specie becomes into later on. Funny thing is, they humiliate each other without any concerns. Not even realizing what kind of trouble they are living at.

As the time goes by, that destructive gene continues to spread across the lands. Europe is in serious danger locating next to them. The wall must be put against these communists. And all sorts of communists. The Russians are among them. Even though they might have some sort of constitution, it is never followed and never protected. The protection itself is not at work at all. Russians never fought for their rights. They disdain the freedom. They hate when other nations aspire to freedom. As a matter of fact, they simply become jealous of prosperous societies.

What they try to do, is to mingle among successful people and the rest of sensitive world. Later on, getting loudly proud to be Russians. Meanwhile their homeland is stuck upon the dark ages. Whose that fault? “Certainly, not Russians’. Anyone else’, but not Russians. How come? Very simple. The parasite tactics to destroy the rest of the world. Their homeland is destroyed and became a filthy state. There is no free healthcare, no commodities whatsoever. Everything is on its own. There is no such thing as Private property. Government can grab your business anytime convenient. Even during the WWII Germany was supported and encouraged by Hitler in comparison with Soviets.

People of the world should seriously consider them as a human threat to the nations. Wherever they step into, that land becomes wasted. Whoever they interact with, are under serious investigation. Whatever they make, is insanely destructive. They can be considered as clever terrorists in todays’ XXI century. All they do is hack, destroy, steal, and mingle. Think many times before doing something in common with them.

The history has taught and witnessed a lot of lessons. And people of the leading world must prevent the home from disaster. Never underestimate the stupidity and agony of such species. Practically, they will drag you down to their level and destroy with experience. As one famous writer has said. They were born to bring the chaos on the planet. There were numerous examples in the global politics of what has been done by them. They always break the arrangements, no matter what kind they are. Even if those were signed by all parties, the Russian will break them.

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