Sacrificing some1’s will is not good. Victims

By sacrificing we fail

Sacrificing. Feast of the victim. Something strange there, don’t you find it? From the perspective of Cosmos it is weird. How can one celebrate another’s sacrifices? Especially, when it considers a life. That is a total absurd. You can try to prove their customs all the way you like, but it does not change the fact of life sacrificing, and even worse giving it sacred celebration.

How can you expect prosperity to you or your land from Cosmos when you praise the bloodshed. You praise the death of the creatures that inhabit and even feed you in your land. Its above the overall understanding of existence and self-respect. When celebrating a wedding ceremony they open shooting fire into the air. How cool is that? Totally unacceptable.

This madness is happening above the sand lands. Where the most brutal take into actions without bothering to think much. It means they are sacrificing other’s opinions for the sake of own needs. That is a failed state. And those who are coming from such places will take advantage over the rest. Should we as people tolerate such things? I don’t think so. The borders exist for a matter.

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