Self-respect 2 have. Let ’em know whom they are dealing with

Never lose the core of self-respect

Have a self-respect to you. People tend to get the most out of you. Parasites they are. And the closest relatives are mostly. Put them in the right position in relation to yourself from the start. That attitude is coming only with a good upbringing. Though, sometimes people are naturally born that way. If you don’t do that, they will suck up everything from you. Starting from a bank account, ending with ideology and views.

After there is nothing left, you can go home, if its still there. If not, they will still dig out everything from you, especially the closest ones. Everything that belongs to you, till you die, try to be sure that there is nothing left for them. Parasites will face their justice. After that you can see their truthful colours and relation to you.

It is always important to have a self-respect. Only those who like to be slaves do not have it. Usually it is communists and post-soviet formations. The freedom of all types of integration is what it makes sense. There must be no kind of oppression whatsoever.If you have any – fight back! Say your questions out loud, speak up! Do have your self-respect. Because, if you won’t have it, no one is going to bring it to you. This perfectly shows how imperfect our society still is.

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