Servility is 1 true embarrassing national Russian feature

Servility has been delivered by ancestors

There are still people exist who are delusional and live in servility by nature. How come some people still say that the Soviets were the most educated and developed species back in a day, where in fact they were not even capable to build their perfect society on their own ground, but to loose their country within the short period of time? Unbelievable. They were not! Their might was all fake and questionable. Slaves cannot be smart. All of them live in servility. Let’s try to pick the performing arts field of music.

The Soviet approach was to improperly blow to the musical instrument and make weird sounds. Which made it ridiculous to sound and perform. Everything they touch becomes disgusting. The Russian world is the core to the bad luck. They are all slaves in the XXI century basically. They cannot run the country under their patronage.

They face collapse throughout the history and has not learned an inch of a lesson. It has happened back in the Russian Imperial state, it has happened in the Soviet era respectively, and now it will happen in the post-modern epoch where the Russian Federation will split on the little states where they will finally try to make some sense. Nobody and nothing is owe them.

Ivan Aivazovsky, a Russian Romantic painter who is considered to be the one of the greatest masters of marine art, has the painting with the clean picture where Russians receive humanitarian help from the United States. So later basically they would not have died out from starvation. That is the power of almighty mother Russia and their servility, indeed. However, the most important thing, they do not even consider themselves to be the vicious, but still prefer to take the part of the whipping-boys. Let them do what they do. Future will take care of itself nicely.

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