Simple shapes that push to flow 7 matters

Shapes that have more impact

Laws of metaphysics

Shapes. The dark invisible matter consists of 7 flowing matters in it (Let’s call them A, B, C, D, E, F, G), that all together of them create the 7th dimension of our physical world we live in. With that being said, flowing matters interact with the physical matter itself and consequently have a more significance and interaction on the physical world. We have Physical plane, Ethereal, Astral and 4 Mental planes within our simple 7 matters universe. All of them interact within each other.

Planes and levels

The physical plane consists of all 7 matters of A+B+C+D+E+F+G flowing combined that are forming our world. It is the world of all inanimate objects we can easily witness and touch around with our eyes. Those objects cannot live and inhabit since they do not have connection with the other planes above it.

Next one, above it goes Ethereal plane. It is formed with matters of A+B+C+D+E+F. This and other planes we cannot see with our unarmed eye. But it is surely can easily have a context with physical world, since it is pretty much resembling with 1st plane. It consists of simplified forms of life such as flagella, molluscs, microbes, etc. They born, live and die in a matter of seconds.

The next one goes the Astral one that is divided onto at least 2 levels. The lowest and normal level of A+B+C+D+E. The lowest Astral level contains the extinct animals that somehow lost their identity and ability to reincarnate in the physical plane. However, they have adapted to inhabit in that level of Astral plane where all the sinful souls come down after they lose the body. You could easily call that place a hell, where no human spirits are coming back since they are eaten by those creatures.

Why sinful human spirits are going there after death? Because it is the simplest and primitive plane for such a cognitive form of human form to get into, where no any other lower (primitive) forms of life has business with. It is the last dead point plane where human’s spirit gets obliterated forever by extinct forms of life like Dinosaurs, Mammoths, other creepy creatures and so on. Do not commit sins, if you don’t want to end up in there. A spirit is always self-aware of what it is doing on Physical plane.

The normal level of Astral plane have the spirits that not that deadly but allows human beings to reincarnate again into the human forms. The Astral plane have all sorts of creatures that exist on our planet. After losing the physical plane body, they can reincarnate again in the same form, and have the chance to learn over and find the mistakes again, where they had the point of stoppage. Either it was artificial death committed to them by somebody or inability to learn new skills.

The next plane is the 1st Mental one. It appears to have all human beings and possibly super intelligent animals. The 1st Mental plane is built by A+B+C+D matters. The physical brain is the most developed part of the body and only it has the connection with the Mental spheres, depending of how developed the creatures are. The matters are flowing from Physical and Mental planes where thinking processes are occurred. The more developed creature is, the higher a Mental plane is involved.

2nd, 3rd and 4th Mental planes contain the most developed and rare beings on Earth and as a matter on this Universe. That is consisted of A+B+C, A+B and A matters. They have the least similarity with Physical plane of Earth. As a result, can easily travel into another, highest dimensions of space, where as a fact, more developed and more powerful forms of life co-exist.

The thinking process never ends. Even when living forms pass away. They just “freeze” at the moment of being incarnated. All the evolution and knowledge that has been gained on the physical plane, after death goes up to the final form of gained evolution, whether it is Astral or Mental plane. And it is securely preserved up until the new incarnation, until the certain form of life will keep the genetics up and running. However, with all that spread propaganda and MSM it is becoming more difficult by day. It is not difficult to understand what sort of information it is all over the place.

How does it relate to shapes? Well, since the physical plane is the base of all matters around here, the forms and shapes play significant role in directing those flows of matters where one or another reactions occur to happen. The less complicated the shape is, the more matters it can surpass through itself. And the more complicated the form is, the harder it is for matters to pass by.

Simple shapes

You can witness the shape of the pyramid have a specific form. But that shape secretly possesses one specific ability that no one has paid attention to. That ability to slower or at some angle stop the time. Yes.

That form can slow the processes down right at the centre of the pyramid. Whenever matters flow through there, something happens. The time is literally being slowed down. How cool is that? Magnificent. Moreover, that is a structure of the lenses we people are using everyday. And it can open a lot of more potentials humanity can discover for the sake of cosmos and what it is all about. Pyramid shape is the lens form of flowing matters.

As it has been mentioned, people cannot see the matters, but all those 7 matters flow even though we cannot see them. Simple shapes help to accelerate or slow down the flows. With rightfully implemented, they can create outstanding machines and techs that would definitely improve the life of all creatures on Earth.

If the time can be stopped, then it can be turned back the other way. Basically we can create the time machine with that approach of technology. The shapes of the physical materials contain tremendous natural secrets and possibilities we are about to discover. It will basically help to save a lot, produce more and expand something new.

Natural shapes

There are some certain natural places exist on the planet that help speculators or concerned people, along with researches to get things done and discover things thoroughly. For example, the mountain Everest. Ever thought about the shape of it? The pyramid form. And there are a lot of forms that keep secret to be examined. The cone, the pyramid, the sphere and the dome. They are not just some sorts of shapes. These forms tend to flow the ethereal, astral and other mental cosmic winds faster within themselves. It is their form that makes it happen. Moreover, it helps to slow down the time flow in the middle.

It would be a great experiment of trying to put a person, or one’s brain at the centre of it. The feelings are phenomenal. You just shaken up all your concerns and thoughts away that are in no longer of needs. So whenever something concerns you, try to put yourself or the position of your brain, as the receiving station, into the mentioned forms of construction. Discover the feelings.

How to stop time

Place yourself into the centre of a pyramid shaped object. Time will slow down.

You will notice something quite differently happening in your balance. And will observe, realize, acknowledge things better. When you have to make serious decisions, or even if you taking care of your look and skin by preserving your youngness, for better results put yourself out in there. Try it out. There are no risks at all. It is for researching purposes only.

Thing is, the cosmic flow is more intensive up onto the ground. When it is being hit by unusual shapes on the way, miracles are happening. Such shapes help to flow the matters faster, or slow them down. Consequently we have the time stopped. If time can be stopped it can be reversed. With reversed time there you have the time machine. With time machine you realize this life is nothing more than just an experiment. Experiment of how fast people will come down to the point of managing the time. With natural shapes it is possible.

Travel through time and space

People can travel through time and space. Since, people are the only highest living forms of life on planet that can evaluate and move forward, it is only possible by them and no other creature else. But humans have got to become Mentally mature where only gurus can prove themselves being up in the Mental spheres. People learn through mistakes and attempts to create something valuable. And it works. A hundred years ago it was impossible to think that people today will travel through space, which is happening now thankfully to private companies and state space programs.

Metaphysics is standing behind all of this.

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