Shapes that push to flow 7 matters

Shapes that have more impact

Shapes. The dark invisible matter consists of 6 flowing matters in it, that all together of them create the 7th dimension of our physical world we live in. With that being said, flowing matters interact with the physical matter itself and consequently have a more significance and interaction on the physical world. You can witness the shape of the pyramid have a specific form.

That form can slow the processes down right at the centre of the pyramid. Whenever matters flow through there, something happens. The time is literally being slowed down. How cool is that? Magnificent. Moreover, that is a structure of the lenses we people are using everyday. And it can open a lot of more potentials humanity can discover for the sake of cosmos and what it is all about.

If the time can be stopped, then it can be turned back the other way. Basically we can create the time machine with that approach of technology. The shapes of the physical materials contain tremendous natural secrets and possibilities we are about to discover. It will basically help to save a lot, produce more and expand something new.

Natural shapes

There are some certain natural places exist on the planet that help speculators or concerned people, along with researches to get things done and discover things thoroughly. For example, the mountain Everest. Ever thought about the shape of it? The pyramid form. And there are a lot of forms that keep secret to be examined. The cone, the pyramid and the dome. They are not just some sorts of shapes. These forms tend to flow the ethereal, astral and other mental cosmic winds faster within themselves. It is their form that makes it happen. Moreover, it helps to slow down the time flow in the middle.

It would be a great experiment of trying to put a person, or one’s brain at the centre of it. The feelings are phenomenal. You just shaken up all your concerns and thoughts away that are in no longer of needs. So whenever something concerns you, try to put yourself or the position of your brain, as the receiving station, into the mentioned forms of construction.

You will notice something quite differently happening in your balance. And will observe, realize, acknowledge things better. When you have to make serious decisions, or even if you taking care of your look and skin by preserving your youngness, for better results put yourself out in there. Try it out. There are no risks at all. It is for discovery purposes only.

Thing is, the cosmic flow is more intensive up onto the ground. When it is being hit by unusual shapes on the way, miracles are happening. Such shapes help to flow the matters faster.

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