Shares to deal 50/50. Contracting Recession-Proof

Get your shares fairly

How to assure you will not get screwed by proposals with (or without) a contract. How to properly get the shares? Unless it is on the paper, chances to succeed are low. Encouraging you to do a favour to take advantage over you is a first sign. Forget about it. If one decides to do so it means he is trying to use your strong sides without his obligations.

Perhaps, expecting that you will not refuse to the favour. However, does that mean you are in share in a business? Not always. If somehow you were promised to get not, or less than 50 percent, let it be clear you aren’t in a deal. And if you one of the soft guys, it’s hard to agree with others, because they will try to screw you over, anyway. That’s right.

Have and sign the contract in the first place! Proposing you a deal must be clear and simple paper work is done by the initiatives. There is nothing else to be concerned of. Simple fact. This way you are showing to get your shares without questioning. If they don’t propose a contract right of the bat, just disregard, ignore and forget about them. It’s not worth risking. And it’s not worth wasting your time. To have a business cooperation it is supposed to be delivered by grown men, not by clowns to amuse you.

When people are serious, you will get your contract straightforward. Read it carefully and if it suits you, sign up. This is how it works. You get your shares fairly.

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