Sight that is ultimate and brings 1 importance

The power of a sight

The sight. There are groups exist where one letting himself to be recognized as a weak person, it is rewarded specifically right after. There will be a general stamp of the weakling on one, as long as he believes in it. That’s the power of a self-suggestion, which will work against him. Of course, it is not applicable to all societies, where could be variable definitions of been weak.

Choosing the right and responsive social group is what one needs, after one realizes what he is, before proceeding into actions. Actions will follow automatically then. What are the extensions of a person may be the matter of a question. How far one can have a sight? The longer his foresight, the stronger he is.

Strong are those who can see, not act

Impossible to imply actions when one is blind. Strongmen are those who can see far deeply, indeed. Developing those abilities will help to be strong. Strong enough to get what one is willing to get. First is to be able to see things. And never to listen those who tell him to close eyes which will make one eventually weak.

A self cognition must be mastered through the practice as early as possible. Ability to know one’s foremost rights. Rights to ask. Questionings coming up automatically on why things happen certain way. It is essential to be brave enough to see things through. Otherwise, one will not forgive himself to be that weak and will proceed to self denial for the rest of one’s life.

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