Social care that has 2 be truly preserved

Importance of social care

The whole social care must be by default consciously put on the governmental level, with all that responsibility, that takes care of its people, so the public eventually would easily do what they like the most. Put their efforts to praise the home and safe it for the next generations. That is the perfect country management. And it supposed to be this way. The protection of assets must play significant role and should be well monitored by the public. Everyday observed and examined by the public. And criticized by the public if needed. It is the goal of all previous incarnations of a nation that made it possible.

It is the power of all that runs many lives and keep the public alive. The free social care, as well as the free healthcare is what makes the nation be proud of among the rest. This is what brings the significance in the eyes of the public. It is something that people can sacrifice their existence for the next generations. It is that goal of life of what good sense people are living for. Social care has got to be and must be protected against any forms of abuse or attack from within. Our children deserve the best we have come up to. And the children of our children will do the same.

This is a civilized approach. The only obstacle that can be faced is the corruption. Under such condition that is a huge risk of losing the social care. What elderly are going to feel when they face such disaster? That time will be yours if you make that happen. Everybody is going to be old one day. So it is extremely important to outsource those who have a slightest connection or background with the corruptive states. There is no way they will bring that filth to our society. Otherwise, that will mean the end.

Corruptive states

So who are these corruptive states and what do they bring? You can examine by the quality of their social life and why they are escaping it. It is important to understand they do not fight back their problems; they are looking for shelters elsewhere to be accepted. That means, they do not have the backbone to solve their problems. And if they came to the new place, they bring the troubles with them. Such groups can only destroy the new place of inhabitance they had been hosted to. There should be no tolerance in such cases. And here is why.

A person oppressed by the corruptive governance. He is looking to find solution for his case, but alas nobody is willing to help him. Because the system is supported by corruption. Then such person is trying to find the gaps in his blockage. What does he do? Enter such system to be the part of it. When a person carries out on his socials by his own, he is trying to look for something to steal from his family, group, public, nation pretending to be a happy part of that society. Just like the communists used to be. It is disastrous. And as a fact destructive. That society is falling apart and spreading their masses outside.

And this is what we see today in ‘developing’, communist, Muslim and poor countries. Instead of solving their problems, they are bringing them within. This is not something that we want to see. Authorities of the corruptive states instead of improving their social care system, are busy with another tasks. And who would have thought, these communist agents are trying to break in to us, so eventually we the people would loose what has been built centuries by our ancestors for us. No way. Social care that exists, is for people who preserved the heritage and made it happen to this very day. And for the true patriots.

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