Social interaction by 1 super organism

Team play or solo game

A team, society that exists with an individual, expects from him to work on his reflexes, if they know and see one is going to stay with them for good. The simplest reflexes of an individual, since one is the part of the working group, team, family. If one is an important part of same group, they want him to work with ease, effortlessly, almost on reflexes, because they would not accept one leaving they have used to.

If they really feel that individual is an important of it. But one must know what exactly he wants to succeed at. And he definitely must know what society he wants to live with. To make that decision upfront or not will depend whether he will approach his dream or not. An individual chooses what society he wants to live with, society does not choose what individual is going to be with them, basically.

Society or group always feel and see whether one is destined to be that part of community. Social interaction. He will not be able to trick a group he is working with. Instead, that group sees what one is capable of, how he looks like. There is a so-called super-organism which is controlled by the one of the most influenced and important individual. That ‘VIP‘ mostly decides by the group whether a newbie is going to stay with the team, or not.

Every person individually, notices what that one is capable of to his persona. How he affects him as a group member. And if that specie somehow is better than him in any aspect, like looking better or working more effectively, he will put his reflexes to group or authority not to accept that new individual. Or will try to do anything that will help him to get rid of him. Because, that new person might easily replace him in the future. That is another example of social interaction.

Social interaction

Everybody is connected within the one system. There is no reason to be afraid of that. If society did not accept one, there is always better opportunities provided by cosmos. If one society is not good enough for one’s expectations, there is always another one exists, that will truly satisfy one’s ambitions and goals. One or the other way there will be social interaction with the right group.

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